CSS is just adjusting margins and padding over and over until you die

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@machinesbleedtoo If you can't fix it with a negative margin is it even worth fixing tbh

@Curator negative margins save lives i felt so powerful the first time i used one and then i cried bc CSS is a mess

@machinesbleedtoo Switching to this account :p I know just enough CSS to get me into trouble then have to cry to @warpgate9 to help me get out of trouble because he's the resident CSS guru (and he hates web dev XD)

@welshpixie @warpgate9 i refuse to believe anyone truly loves web dev, every kind of programming is so horrible in every way until you get things to work - ESPECIALLY when its the first attempt. that's what we do it for 😭

@machinesbleedtoo @welshpixie I actually enjoy developing for web. What I hate is the new stuff. All the frameworks and abstractions etc.

@warpgate9 @welshpixie i def don't appreciate having to program like three versions of the same website to make it work on diff devices and by the time i'm done something has radically changed smh

@machinesbleedtoo That - but also constantly verifying the chain of rules and slapping an !important somewhere only to forget it and having to dig for it way later...

@machinesbleedtoo I ran into this back when I wrote my first big project.

It sucked. A lot. I spent FOUR HOURS "debugging" this shit. I hate CSS since. Well; being visually impaired makes designing hard as it is. But THAT just delt me the final blow xD

@IngwiePhoenix yeah, fair. i hate CSS / any UI programming because why can't i just fuckign draw the thing and have it WORK. the only programming i like is programming for making tasks easier and more efficient. CSS does the opposite of that

@IngwiePhoenix also like....the only object oriented programming i want to touch is making things so i don't have to do object oriented programming >.< that was my gamedev capstone project in a nutshell. trying to make tools for unity so i could just visually do everything I needed to

@machinesbleedtoo It's why I love V; it has fake OOP.

struct AStruct { ... }
fn(self AStruct) blah() bool { ... }
fn blah2(self AStruct) bool { ... }
thing := AStruct{}
thing.blah(); thing.blah2()

Its C structs with tiny bit of syntax sugar. Its gorgeous. Im done with "final public static" imo x.x

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