i'm trying to make captioning a habit now but ooft is it hard. I have a hard time describing anything and my art being surreal makes it more difficult for me + exec dysfunction and dyslexia kicks my ass. i hope w time it becomes easier

@machinesbleedtoo I think it can be as simple as “abstract painting”. To the extent words would convey anything articulated, they will have whatever you put in the main text of your post about it to read. Like, it’s not on you to intimate the deepest meaning of your intent for the piece through text. I think they just want confirmation of the kind of thing it is, when it’s something that nebulous. No need to pretzel yourself.

@philodygmn yeah, true. i do add a lot of detail to my art though also, so it makes it hard to not do that through text + i have great difficulty Ordering Thoughts so I'm just naturally verbose (this + executive dysfunction is why i struggle w captioning insofar as like...energy-investment goes. but everything that i find difficult in this way at first, when it becomes habit, doesnt mess me up quite as hard)

@philodygmn also when doing art i think in words less than pictures, so i think i can streamline this by recording this element of my process. just thought of that :o

@machinesbleedtoo Just saw your other toot about captioning being difficult - you can go way simpler than what you did in this one :D You could just say something like "A black canine-like creature with glowing gold trickling from its nostril along its jaw. There's a circle of woven watery wisps framing it, against a dark green-blue background."

@Curator this is part of why i struggle so hard with it, i can't explain things in simple terms for some reason, i guess it comes down to difficulty describing things bc i have to do the whole detail before i go 'oh! this is a simpler way to say it' - i guess it's an ordered thoughts problem thing

@machinesbleedtoo Ah yeah that makes sense! Brains making life difficult for us XD

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