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Hi, I'm machine_cat! I'm a digital artist, I primarily do character design but i like painting landscapes from time to time as well.
I also make experimental-ish music, geocities-style websites, and other small hobbies, etc..

a mastodon instance for tooting about disturbed leafs

Attention #Mastodon sysadmins! A new release with some security fixes will drop on Thursday, prepare to upgrade -- we'll release 2.9.x, 3.0.x, and 3.1.x versions to make sure you have the easiest time upgrading for this.


The #fediverse is a self-organising network. It cannot be controlled by any one group, trillion dollar company, super-state or any other single entity.

It is a more level playing field than other social networks.

It is not entirely fair and does unfortunately import many problems from outside.

But it can be improved.

And individuals can make a difference.

If you see something you don't like on your timeline you have many options: DM your friends to discuss, block, report, move instance, etc.

Posted this on Instagram yesterday, but forgot to share it here. Just some more fun with 2-frame animation on coffee sleeves. A little sunrise/sunset thing.


what's the next arc on Mastodon gonna be? placing bets on either more racism or Everybody Gets an OnlyFans

this was supposed to be a cutesy pose but ended up looking very uncomfortable lol.

getting banned from barnes and noble for drawing a red squiggle under "wuthering" on every copy of wuthering heights

the greatest scam of all time was seeing silverfish in minecraft, thinking they were kind of cute/endearing actually, and then realizing not only were they real, but terrifying and unequivocally evil

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