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Hi, I'm machine_cat! I'm a digital artist, I primarily do character design but i like painting landscapes from time to time as well.
I also make experimental-ish music, geocities-style websites, and other small hobbies, etc..

This is my first time drawing fish. In fact this is the first time I’ve ever drawn anything I’m actually proud of. I know it isn’t great but @qinniart was one of the artists that really inspired me to try drawing and painting. I’m so sad over the loss of Qinni and really wanted to push myself to do something beautiful for her. I hope you’re resting among the stars, sweet Qinni, you will be forever missed. I love you.

"burnout" is not internal, it's a symptom of a fucked up environment and should be treated as such

was looking at images of tall women and it lead me to discover this site

So this morning Spo*tify played the news with the main story being the virus

Then it played a song called "Infected"

Lewd-adjacent geometry 

Bernies fursona is the tiny bird that landed on his podium.

i've decided to change my career. i am now becoming an analogue synthesiser. bloooop

google images sometimes yields strange dividends

Here's a tip (and a thread) for anyone who wants to make a collab project that has open recruitment (zines, etc.): let's say you have a cap at 20 participants. Therefore, you should have the 20 who ________...

You're probably thinking the answer is "have the best art".


The correct answer is "...want to be on the project the most."

Why? Well, let's take a moment to analyze what happens when you take each of these two approaches.

"The character is a cyclops cop and if that doesn't say, and we cannot stress this enough, lesbian rights, we don't know what will." please say sike

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disney rly thinks they can get away with the bare minimum lgbt rep like this is fucken 2010 like ma'am no one asked for the cyclops cop with ONE scene

a mastodon instance for tooting about disturbed leafs

Attention #Mastodon sysadmins! A new release with some security fixes will drop on Thursday, prepare to upgrade -- we'll release 2.9.x, 3.0.x, and 3.1.x versions to make sure you have the easiest time upgrading for this.


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