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My motivation for this semester was based on the wrong assumption that the complexity of the optional subjects I chose exceeded a beginners tutorial on the Internet. And it gets even better. Instead of using the language “R” with open source tooling for our Statistics course, the new professor introduced a new commercial software which only runs on Windows and MacOS. He called it “Excel on cocaine”.
Thanks for nothing.

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It's sunday and I've just finished reworking my website using .
Moving bubbles included 😮

Finally releasing v0.1.0 of this summer's project with the collaboration of Ulster University.
Its main goal was to bring easier fatigue detection in the form of an app.

Feel free to check it out for yourselves. ^^

My band Vela Ξ dropped our home recorded cover of Muse's Stockholm Syndrome yesterday.
Make sure to check it out! 🔥

Toot toot 📯
My first post on I just wanted say hi 😁


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