@gaycookie Me too! I tried pixel art but I just suck at drawing anything :D With 3D cubes I feel at home tho :)

@m4ndrill@mastodon.art I did do some pixel-art before, but yea I succ at it haha!

But as a former minecraft mod developer, its kinda required to do some pixel-art xd

@gaycookie It's very much needed for voxel texturing too, so I'm trying to learn and implement as I go. Not an easy task :)

@m4ndrill@mastodon.art I mean, I had the luck that it is meant for a somewhat 2d-ish game haha! And even as a noob like me, it in overal always looked better then what other people made, but with what I see you shared, its a bit more difficult.. I wouldn't be able to do this

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