A few musical instruments I made out of voxels some time ago.

P.S. Sitar was the most challenging and the most fun one!

I still haven't had the time to focus on low poly art as much as I'd like to, but I did make some small pieces in Blender. Here's one :)

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Made my first ever voxel piece! MagicaVoxel's really intuitive, I love it. Pretty excited to see what I'll be able to do with it when I've got some experience under my belt. #MastoArt #Voxel #VoxelArt #MagicaVoxel #MyStuff

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Back to some sci-fi stuff with this high-speed pursuit in the space. This was a fun one, so I've been using it as my profile photo for quite some time now.

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A minimalist room made out of tiny voxels. Still continuing to populate my profile here.

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This project needed a zbrush pass and dDo to match the art style of Remnant: From the Ashes. It was an interesting challenge that I enjoyed, and needed, even if I'm not overly satisfied with the result.

At any rate, this asset defined my need to avoid overspecializing. I took that seriously and have been making new kinds of art since, as an effort to be a much more rounded artist. It's come in handy as a Lead.

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On continue ?


Cette fois, bonus #dragon des mers pour ce #mermay de 2018 🐉​🧜‍♀️​


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Seen some cool Rubik's Cube cakes last night and I had to make one out of voxels. Have a piece guys!

A quick voxel droid I modeled being inspired by The Mandalorian. As much as I liked the atmosphere, I expected more from the story. It felt kind of random and not well planned. I still never watched season 2 😀

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Here another time-lapse from my streams on this week.
I hope you like my bottled town and see you all in the next

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Cover art I did for a Lo-fi album. Very much fun to model since I used to be a musician for a decade or so 😀 🎧

Slowly populating my profile here. Here's a Micro City series I did some time ago. It was a small scale challenge in 50³ voxels restriction.

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A few more spaceships I've done this year...they tend to be a 'go to' for me when I want to make something but don't have any concrete ideas.

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The ancient derelict was being used as a temporary campsite by passing caravans.
With time a small town and later a full city would emerge, swallowing the remains of the ship and leaving no trace of its rusty soul.

with digital color overlay.

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