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Pinned toot here you can read the prologue of my webtoon~ (I'm working on the first chapter and it's taking soooo long 😭)

ramlah’s been waiting her entire life for this (entire life being like, the 6 months since i made her lol)

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"Who knew that compressed darkness glowed? As the End rippled across space dust lit up in magnificent colors making a colorful backdrop for the stars shooting left and right."


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New OC, Cesare! An excitable -but kind of dazed atm- vampire boy who loves to collect maps

(please don't mind the odd facial proportions 🤡💦)

been trying to keep myself from doing nothing but sleep all day
have some doodles of my au ra

I will repost some of my instagram drawings here during the next days, I hope you'll enjoy them! :)

Drew some random shit on my desk yesterday on stream.
Nothing matters anymore let's all draw trash

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