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I have a discord. Feel free to join (we are talking about art, webtoons and stuff)💜💜💜

Pinned post here you can read the prologue of my webtoon~ (I'm working on the first chapter and it's taking soooo long 😭)

Experimental rendering of Toronto skyline. Heavy red and blue Ballpoint. Really heavy. Warped paper heavy.

Here’s your Monday morning cup of coffee. Rollerball on A3 heavy paper.

Fifth in a series of six unique ballpoint monoprint orbs. In my shop.

Jingūmae 27 - ink 1

This telephone pole just has to be the center of attention in this picture.

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Il ressemble à quoi votre parfait petit dej' ? Le mien doit être coloré, pris dehors et surtout accompagné d'une session dessin !

it's been an age! I keep forgetting this site exists... and my log in details.
Here's a few bits and bobs.

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