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Lala Lyla! 🎢✨ @lylaha

New weekly holiday proposal: Self Care Day, in which you take a bubble bath, wear a face mask, eat whatever you feel like and basically just do whatever you need to de-stress from the week πŸ‘Œ ✨ (also it would take place on whatever day is most convenient for you, but always at least one day a week)

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@lylaha Way ahead of you, already did it. :U

(Well, I did not do my face things. I'll prolly do those tomorrow) But the bath happened.

@Galacticdoodle I just got this new shimmery gold gel mask today and I'm so excited to get home and take a bubble bath and try it out eeeeeee I luv face masks!!! they feel so nice! c:

@lylaha So, face masks, are those actually beneficial, or just a thing a body can do to relax? I kinda want to try one but I don't want to go down some skin care rabbit hole.

@AesAthena they're good for your skin! There are a lot of different kinds for different purposes (like some for removing blackheads, or for making your skin soft, etc.), but I've also seen some that have different herbal scents that help you relax or focus! c: I mostly just like them because they feel nice though heheh 😊

@lylaha Isn't it called the weekend?
But yeah, this is my life everyday. It sucks. I need a job.

@newkarma sure, if you put effort into self-care on the weekends! I don't really have the time for it on the weekends though, I spend those days with my boyfriend heheh so Friday is my self-care day!!