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I've updated my commission info! Check it out and hit me up if you're interested! 😘 πŸŽ‰ ✨

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OKAY I MADE A KO-FI βœ¨πŸ™ thank you so so so much if you decide to give me any money, that would be so incredibly generous! 😚 πŸ’•

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well first things first here are a bunch of pictures of my baby girl (Rosolite, my fashionista dwarf character), who is PREπŸ‘ CIOUSπŸ‘ TOπŸ‘ MEπŸ‘ πŸ’ƒ

i wanted to try drawing food so i drew duck, but i chose the most DIFFICULT REFERENCE IMAGE and i don't understand myself

Hila Kleiner for life!! πŸ™ πŸ• ✨

And here's his sister, my tiny little Halloween cat Kiki! 😊 I never post her because she moves around too much to get good pictures πŸ˜‚

I was taking his picture and then he saw a light on the wall and started chattering!!

uh ohhhhh ya girl comin at u πŸ™ papa bless

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Me: I only have women characters, I need to make a man at some point!!

My Imagination:

My Imagination: Consider... A drag queen.

tfw you’re painting a scene from observation and then someone goes and completely changes the lighting/composition of the scene :’’’)

i got aseprite recently and have been learning to use it! this is my entry for pixel dailies on twitter, the theme was magic!

so yesterday I started making a concerted effort to eat better, healthier food and I'm already feeling soooo much more energetic and positive! 😊

my entire life is in constant fluctuation between "I'm just gonna draw whatever I want I don't care about what people think!!" and "o h my god I need to draw more fanart so ppl will NOTICE ME MORE..."

whenever I watch progress videos I'm always struck by how many layers a lot of artists seem to use and here I am,,,, painting everything on only one layer dlfhka;lsfh ahahah

Also I'm getting real close to 1000 followers on here, and I told myself a while ago that I would do a giveaway or something when I got there!! So keep an eye out for that! :3c

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Hi sorry I've been so inactive lately!!! I just feel weird filling your timeline with text and no art, but I'm busy working on stuff so I won't be able to post much art ahahah,,, I'm trying my best to finish preparations for this thing quickly!!

A brief thought: I think we need to take a long step back from "irony" culture.

There's a pattern I see repeatedly where people immersed in "irony" seem to not comprehend that other people actually believe what they're saying, because "irony" dictates that THEY don't believe anything they're saying. It's all a joke; it's just "for the lulz", to score laughs and Internet Points.

Being earnest is a completely foreign concept, and so they assume NOBODY is earnest.

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