Been a rough week,
Here's what I've been working on

@luphey was there something in the air or is is mercury in retrograde like it was a shitty week!!!

@thatgirllily Maybe god decided to just fart on us this week T _ T.

@luphey I hope next week is better for you. I've also had A Time this week so maybe it's just one of those weeks

@adamk678 Thank you!! I feel like it was the entire month for me, but this week was really the worse of em

@luphey I believe we're all dealing with some rough days. But I'm sure this Angel is going to bless you a lot for making her THIS GORGEOUS AND CUTE 💚💙

@littletivor Thank you! I hope it gets better next week!!!!

Thank you a ton!! She's going to be a new oc :0c

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