Whats up Mastodon. My name is Riley and I specialize in pixel art


@luphey It's so awesome to see you on here!! I've been following you elsewhere for awhile :> I'm excited to see more of your art here!

@luphey your work is so wholesome and vibrant and uhg 💘💘 so good.

@luphey this is a Feast for my eyes wOW 😩 ❤️ 👀 :star_eyes:

@luphey there you are. I already knew mastodon but never managed to get into .ART. Thanks for the invite sharing, you are probably the reason of this explosion of art rn

@luphey THIS IS GORGEOUS 💙 It's great to have you around! Welcome 💙💚

@luphey oooh mmy word these are incredible. i can't wait to see more heck heck

@luphey Wow, I love your pixel art!

Welcome to the Fediverse!

@luphey aaaAAAH these illustrations are so beautiful!!

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