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Whats up Mastodon. My name is Riley and I specialize in pixel art


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Irl problems/online activity 

Hi. Sorry that I havent post much for a while. School had started a few months ago, which was why I was busy.

I recently been diagnosed with a rare autoimmune/inflammatory disease that disabled me for quite some time. I had to pretty much withdraw from school while waiting on my pending medication because it's not known how long I can walk without it.

Hoping to stay a smidge more active since.. I'm kinda in bed all day. Hope everyone is doing well. Here's a wip

Been sorta busy so i havent had the time to draw. Gonna pixel this later fjskfjfnrn

Saw a shirt at the mall and got inspired to draw my OC in it!!

Tried to experiment with dithering :thinking:

lol.. Ibdidnt realize how similar thisbpsoe was to my last artwork KDAKFJSJKA

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Got an OK to post this. This is a piece I did a while ago for @/GameOnAnthology zine on twitter!

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I picked up one piece again, so here's a lil nami I drew as warmup!

found out during this dnd session that eddie's big brother is alive. Decided to give him long hair to imagine what he looks like nao

Been a rough week,
Here's what I've been working on

Finally watched yo Kai watch movie: friends forever... And i cried so hard. I'm so surprised that YW hasnt overthrown pokemon in America.

Tyyy for the 300 followers! Sorry i havent been posting much. Been working on a piece finally after a month or two

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