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Another YCH commission! This time is from for Ultramagnetic. The proof of how much I love drawing hair and braids! I really enjoyed working on this one 💕

when you draw the lady vampires and you forget who the hell your protag is.

when you wake up early in the morning to draw an idea that popped in your mind. It's going to be very nsfw.

Well, you see I tried something. I’m not good with drawing…violent stuff. A challenge I’m accepting considering the comic I want to draw. Also an excuse to draw my oc Yuceris. The bloodsucking bastard.

Remember that fabulous octopus? It’s up on my teepublic store now. c: It is currently on sale now for only two days!!


This scene has been on my mind for days. GrimmRen spending some quality time at the beach. I love this ship so much.

Inktober No.1
I won't do all 31 days this year but this is a good excuse to use more ink, I really like it ✨

(Please don't stress about doing or not doing inktober, it's not a big deal. It's supposed to just be a fun personal challenge, inktober won't save the rainforest, don't freak out over it)

Inktober Day 1

I forgot how hard it was to not press the undo button. x’D But I did it. it’s messy but I like it.

Wanted to do a speedpaint video but who knows how it’ll turn out. I’m a bit rusty with drawing and all that. c: But this was fun to do.

Uh. just wanted to doodle after long day of work. ;u; I wish i knew how to draw Grimmjow’s hair nicely. It looks simple but drawing it is a completely different story for me....

Working with watercolours is nice when the summer heat makes the laptop overheat too easily 💦
One is my new OC Anke, and the other is my OC Emma with her dog Nanna

And yet another redraw of an old drawing, probably dates back to 2016 I think. I'm on a mission to fix my past mistakes because looking at it makes me sad.

A of Anders from or at least I hope it is lol.

Again, thank you very much mastofolk for the toot boosts and follows. I truly appreciate it ♡

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