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Inktober No.1
I won't do all 31 days this year but this is a good excuse to use more ink, I really like it ✨

(Please don't stress about doing or not doing inktober, it's not a big deal. It's supposed to just be a fun personal challenge, inktober won't save the rainforest, don't freak out over it)

Inktober Day 1

I forgot how hard it was to not press the undo button. x’D But I did it. it’s messy but I like it.

Wanted to do a speedpaint video but who knows how it’ll turn out. I’m a bit rusty with drawing and all that. c: But this was fun to do.

Uh. just wanted to doodle after long day of work. ;u; I wish i knew how to draw Grimmjow’s hair nicely. It looks simple but drawing it is a completely different story for me....

Working with watercolours is nice when the summer heat makes the laptop overheat too easily 💦
One is my new OC Anke, and the other is my OC Emma with her dog Nanna

And yet another redraw of an old drawing, probably dates back to 2016 I think. I'm on a mission to fix my past mistakes because looking at it makes me sad.

A of Anders from or at least I hope it is lol.

Again, thank you very much mastofolk for the toot boosts and follows. I truly appreciate it ♡

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I really like the game Sekiro and I wanted to do some crossover with Tenchu. Ayame and Ema would be so cute together!


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