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it's soooo hard to confront somebody when you think they've done something wrong or unjust (to you or your work), but feels sooo better (although still exhaused) when you talk it over. it feels like things are on the right place after you have said them aloud and you've seen they've been heard at least in part. it seems one of the hardest parts of a proper work ethic.

I've been writing this blog post for two days and now it's published. It's of course extremely biased in the sense of self-congratulatory vibe. (*me: impostor sindrome!!*)

Here's my

"2018 IN REVIEW".

feedback and responses more than welcome.

I'm trying to make my selfhosted wordpress talk ActivityPub. can anyone recommend a plugin

Are you enjoying the new 'gutenberg' editor in your self-hosted wordpress but you only find it too narrow for writing? Fix it with a simple CSS.

Use stylus add-on (stylish replacement) and add a custom style for your admin post url ( and add css:

.wp-block {
max-width: 800px;

I'm drafting a '2018 In Review" blog post. I am consciously trying to see wins and kinda not focus on fails right now.

I should make a paragraph about the mistakes I made and what would be good to learn from them though.

I hope to not make it too long and then abandon it.

2018 was the year when 

>> In their writing on homelessness, social psychologist Devon Price has said that “laziness,” at least in the way most of us generally conceive of it, simply does not exist. “If a person’s behavior doesn’t make sense to you,” they write, “it is because you are missing a part of their context. It’s that simple.” <<

I uploaded all tracks to Landr and tested with lo and med intensities and of course it's not really possible to judge on the headphones + my ears were under workload for too many hours. I now downloaded both versions and will leave it for couple of days. Meanwhile I can start working on video and cover and any liner-notes. There's other work waiting too - this took me whole day today. Time to sleep.

Settled on the playlist. This could be final. Listening to the whole thing before I testdrive Landr.

*my brain: maybe you should sleep it over, test around, car test, you probably have ear fatigue rn, you know...

*me: shut up, I'm too excited! Let's go on.

Here’s a survey about titles that should only take 3 minutes or so, for literally anyone who speaks English:

It’ll end at noon UK time on Sunday 13th January 2019 at the soonest.

Every survey response, RT and boost is really helpful! Thank you. :)

capitalism, consumerism, education 

Released my very first EP two years ago on , a net label gathering LGBTQI+ artists. Lot of awesome experimental tunes there, you should definitely have a check ✨

working my ass off here in Milan to finish this new album been behind the computer in whole day didn't even put away breakfast stuff from the kitchen table shame on me

This year's #Christmas EP is done in time for Epiphany. (Today is the 11th Day of Christmas in my time zone and maybe still the 10th in yours).

If you like this album (or if you hate it), please consider making a donation to UKLGIG, a charity that supports LGBTQI+ asylum seekers.

Or the National Center for Transgender Equality

#iritainment #music #mastoart #christmasmusic

somehow managed to miss out on one of the most exciting 'hacks' demonstrated during #35c3 : the rental housing syndicate in Germany.

135 solidarity organizations that keep rental #housing #affordable in city centers by maintaining 'deprivatized' and 'unsellable' housing stock. These are collectively owned buildings with provisions against speculation. The organization is also involved in co-financing other similar housing projects.

Talk (german):

The talk also mentions related projects in #NL and in #AT

Project website: (currently down)

I have a feeling all torrent sites are blocked here in Italy.

>>... the complexity of the various responsible code makes the absolute identification of the program's rationale here nearly impossible.<< {David Cope: Virtual Music}

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