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@banjo I didn't know fretless banjo existed. Lovely videos on your yt channel!

#novembeat day 3, with apologies to Mr. Satie. TIL that 16 bars is really not enough for a gymnopédie style piece. (Also, I have only the slightest idea what I'm doing in terms of more formal composition.)

Anyway if you want to hear my prior #Novembeat things (maybe they'll help you get inspired?) they're at and or you can listen to them on Spotify or whatever.

there are couple of things that can totally steal my attention for hours
- record shop
- book shop
- stationary - especially well designed notebooks and pencils.

and now i discovered mechanical pencils world:

Most pencil cores are made of graphite powder mixed with a clay binder. Graphite pencils are used for both writing and drawing and produce durable grey or black marks that can be erased easily. Though writing is easily removable with an eraser, it is otherwise resistant to moisture, most chemicals, ultraviolet radiation and natural aging.

Only a few days until #Novembeat starts! Every day (or however often you want) make a song that’s, what, 16 bars long or whatever? Or make a new beat. Or a silly little tune.

The whole thing was started by and it’s great for inspiration and experimenting.

Okay I managed to get a track for #novembeat aka #notevember aka #notevember2018 which is like... not terrible. Mostly just focused on making some beats from scratch.

Just discovered an awesome website -, allows you to talk to random strangers on the internet.

For me, as an introvert, it's absolutely amazing, no-pressure anonymous opportunity to have a fun conversation.

It has launched only recently, so there isn't a lot of people there yet, but I really hope it takes off. Come chat with us!

photos from AV project "Interface Fractures - Ep II.: METAL", performed in 12-2014 at IZIS festival, Izola, Slovenia

But TBH, what really attracts me to journaling (and always had) is the idea of filling this little book up, making a very personal view of a life, a visual/written document of certain subjective time.
I have been journaling on and off from my teens and I thankfully kept the journals and it's always amazing to take one in your hands and flip those pages and remember stuff. 📑

I'm taking some interesting methods from others who are posting their planning and tasking online. I like Future Log in a vertical form 4 months on a spread, and then monthly log/plan. And habits tracker.

But, looking at all those pretty photos of meticulous beautiful writing and pages it just seems those page were not really made for use or from use but for a photo shoot only. I mean, where are striked-out tasks when things change? Journal SHOULD get MESSY if you're any good.

I feel like I need more medium-sized notebooks (like 12×13, dotted) for projects but I guess I'm just procrastinating.

But seriously, I seriously underestimate how much I enjoy jotting down things in a notebook while having a coffee in a café.

today is an awesome day to support my Patreon because I love breathing and would like to continue, just like every day


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