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uh uh, seems like a disk-drive full of recent projects has problems starting up.

that's bad.
life's hitting me on my head again.

My transition did not entail many physical alterations to my body. Instead, it involved learning to think about my body differently, to appreciate the suppleness in my masculine frame or the strength in my expressive wrists. Learning to break free from the bounds of manhood, to love my femininity and share it with the world, to embrace my gender in its full complexity, has been the work of a lifetime.
-- Jacob Tobia

>> Over the years, I’ve learned to embrace both my love of lipstick and my facial hair, my affinity for sequins and my broad shoulders. I’ve learned to love all parts of myself equally, to hold my femininity and my masculinity in tandem — understanding them not in opposition, but as compliments to one another. <<
-- Jacob Tobia

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After many requests, here's a (1st draft) writeup on a technique to hide VPN (OpenVPN) traffic from network opponents, like state firewalls, ISPs & non net-neutral corps. I, and those using my VPNs, have used it with success all over the world discourse.criticalengineering. You're welcome

Happy Pride Month to all of you, especially if you can't wave your flag or haven't found it yet.

Viktor Van River

Today we’ve got the release of new music by Viktor Van River. Last October he brought us his blocSonic debut Triumph Of Unconscious and now he returns his new EP, Biorobot. Five cuts that take you on a dark journey into electronic downtempo trip-hop that’ll leave you fiending for more. Go ahead… hit it.

#breakbeats #electronic #netaudio #netlabel #ccmusic

Hey, fediverse, I need some new

I'm looking for:
🔹 Queer, POC, and women authors!
🔹 Written or translated into English
🔹 Bonus if it's

NOT looking for:
❌ Really depressing or cynical novels
❌ Anything centered on or with graphic depictions of sexual assault or child abuse
❌ Reccs for Ursula K LeGuin or CJ Cherryh (I've already read them! 🙂 )

GIMP 2.10.4 released with faster start up times, auto-straighten tool.

GIMP no longer has to wait for all your fonts to be fully loaded before it can load the rest of the program. This means faster startup.

Taken a really nice photo but at an angle? Auto-straighten option is at hand to help.

Measure the angle of the horizon on your image, and then click the new “Straighten” button.

+much via link!

#Gimp #autostraighten #fonts #imagemanipulation #photoshopping

You can't get to the light without going through the darkness. -- Carolyn Myss

Time for a 2.10.4 release of @GIMP !

* Simple Horizon Straightening
* Asynchronous Fonts Loading
* Fonts Tagging
* Dashboard Updates
* PSD Loader Improvements
* Builds for macOS Make a Comeback

Grab a fresh copy hot off the presses! Win and macOS builds coming very soon also!

#photography #freesoftware #artwithopensource #GIMP #digitalart #FOSS

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