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@luka This is pretty awesome. I don't really understand. Well, yeah, I pretty much totally don't understand, but it's still awesome...

Tessa/Twitter - help please! 

i LOVE it when people talk to me about things they’re excited about??? and to see someone light up as they describe something they find fascinating is just so. cute??

tell me about your happy things!! and big exciting things! and gentle little things! anything that makes you feel warm! :_catmelt:

Fediverse, what's a good collection of documents / papers on toxic online communities, moderation (or lack of), vocal minorities and online abuse?
(please boost/share) :)

Sophocles' Antigone


Tippett's A Child of Our Time

thinking while cutting samples.

Boost if you think trains are the best method of transit.


Good morning. It's 7am.

In bed tootin while waiting for the dog to wake up and be willing to go on a walk.

After that breakfast and working on music.

It might be too late to use it in my today's work, but I'm anyway wondering does anyone know of a woman composer/s who wrote anything for large choir+orchestra? Preferably works with at least implicit feminist bent?

Is anyone else finding those memes based on a photo with a guy looking after a woman in red dress and his girlfriend giving him a bad look sexist?

Continuing the series of *Kamizdat Rentgen* clubnights presenting the adventurous sonic explorers.

Design by Stella Ivšek aka VJ 5237

Love your net/label! If you order wetware stuff from us, you get STICKERZ!

PS: this is a rare, very rare promotional message from this account, I promise! I'm just to excited about the stickerzzz!

@gamehawk the main problem here is that we just have one main dev who decides everything and without talking with community first. The "trending is bad" was just a trigger, 'cos people were said to fork off, which some now consider to do


The drama around #ForkOff only reinforces my theory that the only healthy way to handle FOSS projects is via multi-stakeholder cooperatives where both devs and users have their say. The amount of bitterness I'm seeing right now is the most eminent byproduct of the "benevolent dictatorship" model which has been the scourge of the open source world since the beginning of times.

Turn Mastodon into a cooperative NOW!

#FOSS #Cooperative #ICA #OneHeadOneVote

Ardour Development Update - a pretty interesting overview of current development of Ardour

i'm not focusing on what I should be.

but i share my distraction:

Fugue at the Beach (with the Yamaha Reface) by Nahre Sol

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