@deadsuperhero how would you enable ActivityPub on a Wordpress instances? I mean practicaly? Are there already available and usable plugins or is it in alpha phase?

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Telling an researcher "But what if your program goes rogue?" is like telling a magician "But maybe you actually did cut the lady in half!"

simone de beauvoir argued that arguments from biological reductivism are always ultimately ideological. for example, it may be a biological fact that women, taken generally, have less physical strength than men but in a society that didnt value physical domination, that fact wouldnt be used as a justification for power

beatboxing + bulgarian tradition!

Pe4enkata ft.Desislava Todorova - Petar Plet Plete


Last two weeks, worked on:
- Hand of Horzasha (shinyvacation.itch.io/hand-of-)
- Project G
- Project B
- The Constable
- Majora (mbulteau.com/majora)

just discovering the weird world of Arca & Jesse Kanda - it's weird, distorted and lonely, spooky, at times almost revolting and disorienting but at the very same time beautiful

good morning!


TFW you're grumpy and sensitive but you don't know why.

O. M. G.

I am toying around with the Blender 2.8 beta, because I'm super excited about their 2D animation improvements.

The workflow is so much nicer than what we're studying at uni at the moment.

I managed to do this in less than two minutes.

The other day on our local Radio Študent elevator. Our previous release and event "Kamizdat Rentgen"

I look e working with algorithms, and using Linux and Emacs and hacking away the digital worlds.

I also love writing with a fountain pen and making limited edition booklets with special papers.

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