Boundaries can help you carve space in your life for self care. They're important.

Gotta give a shout out to Seth Power who has published some really great and smooth music on Jamendo! One album under CC BY-NC-ND, and one under the most permissive @creativecommons license, Attribution only.

Go give it a listen and download! #CCmusic #Jamendo #CCBY

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OMG what a day! Soooo stressful, but everything turned out OK at the end, performance went through without a major glitch (apart from me being the only one at the end who had no make up 😥) so now... party time. I mean, for real, my SO is DJing now.. And I'm glad this day is finished and done.

honestly though, mastodon instances are run and moderated by real people who care about the network, to the point of often paying their own money out-of-pocket to run their instances.

the *one* time i've had to report a post, my instance admin messaged me directly to let me know the action taken about it.

don't be shy to report. it works here. the rules aren't there just to keep things advertiser-friendly.

welcome to mastodon. don't be a dick. hug your local mods/admins.

@PresGas @jd aaaaaand, the fact that it is not cluttered with a lot of features is actually a usability advantage - it's simpler to use. I don't know why this guy thinks usability is not excellent with Signal. I 💜 it.

@funkwhale how can I add multiple stars/likes/faves to this? Ah ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Sooooo happy to ready that Free Music Archive is staying online and functional and going forward!!!

"In the coming weeks, we will reopen artist/curator uploads and our Music Submission form and resume our regularly scheduled audio weirdness, curated playlist posts, and new releases here on our blog."

i changed my avatar picture but just realized that it's an 'direct eye contact' one. is this too triggering for anyone of you? please let me know, I'll change it. (i hope it's not too big to be that triggering)

"outlaw sensibilities,
self-made kinships,
chosen lineages,
utopic futurity,
exilic commitment,
and rage at institutions that police the borders of the normal --"

Thanks @RussSharek

Hello @Josey! Welcome to fediverse and Mastodon! Feel free to browse my followees, most of them are musicians. I share my works and works in progress as much as possible.

:peertube: :sccube: :mastoart: :funkwhale: :mastodance:

Always a great feeling to tick off 'mark as shipped' when leaving the post office after sending our () merch (mostly limited edition USB booklets)!

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If someone tells you they're suffering from depression and you'd like to make them feel better, choose *any* topic other than their work or hobby accomplishments. They're probably finding it really hard to work on those, so you're pointing out that their merits as a human being center on a current failing.

Even if it's someone you only know through their work, there's plenty of encouragement and warmth to be shared by complimenting their past conduct, openness or kindness.

@malerbabomba surely not. i just think that it seems to me that people who talk about cultural appropriation might actually be talking about capitalist exploitation and commodification of everything - heritage of indigenous peoples included. i feel that there's a border where culture stops and there's only pure unethical inhuman commerce left.

but, maybe I'm wrong, since I haven't encountered and researched too many cases where there's been strong accusation of cultural appropration.

A book by Terre Thaemlitz arrive, very fast delivery, thanks 'zaglossus'. Another window into genderqueer audio, research continues.

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