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Good morning from the CET (GMT+1) timezone.

Yesterday (8 hours ago) I (finally) published an album and a music video - I wanted to do it by the end of December, but sadly it didn't work out. So I'm extra happy this is out now and I'm also pretty satisfied with it.

It could be called .. but also I guess. If you'll listen to it, how would you describe it?


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Boosts extra appreciated

Just a few hours left till release. I'm doing some final renders, transcoding videos and uploads, writing down credits.

decided that instead of one video in three parts I will release three videos.

Sometimes I go analogue.
I think Velvia is not produced anymore. It's an amazing slide film that you can cross-process (using chemicals to develop color negatives) into awesome-looking color shifts.

Backstage is the frontstage.
Upstage is downstage.

Istra National Theater.

(BTW the music from this piece is available on my or Kamizdat's Bandcamp )

Settled on the playlist. This could be final. Listening to the whole thing before I testdrive Landr.

*my brain: maybe you should sleep it over, test around, car test, you probably have ear fatigue rn, you know...

*me: shut up, I'm too excited! Let's go on.

I'm a huge sucker for beutiful houses in the nature. Drool. This one is passive and really really beautifully executed.

Always a great feeling to tick off 'mark as shipped' when leaving the post office after sending our () merch (mostly limited edition USB booklets)!

A book by Terre Thaemlitz arrive, very fast delivery, thanks 'zaglossus'. Another window into genderqueer audio, research continues.


(Not so happy with the overall result yesterday but there's just so much one can do. I'm not beating myself up about it, but I need to rest first and then clear my head and set a clear path forward.)

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