The other day on our local Radio Študent elevator. Our previous release and event "Kamizdat Rentgen"

Tomorrow we have a new release. The concert will be streamed.

Image Snatchers (Technoburlesque) tomorrow night...

ping pong jugling emails and phonecalls between the musician, designer, printer/bookbinder and proofreader in order to arrive at final version of webcover and print-ready pdf to go into production of USB booklet

+ 30minutes until the next door tribune/talk about the position of women on the local music scene . this time I'm thankfully not involved but feel i need to listen since I pride with a feminist direct action on the label

If you have Bandcamp app on mobile and you follow our label Kamizdat you should have received some update notifications from us.

Helping with (documentation of) promotional event - presentation of a new book about women authors in local Slovene contemporary dance scene that my "home" cultural organisation just published.

Another week, another performance.

Matija Ferlin's "Staging a Play: The Glass Menagerie" at Pelzferkehr 2018, Klagenfurt, AT

At the end, yesterday's new performance went through without any problems. I worked on it like crazy last week (barely slept the night before) so I'm now in that post-premiere limbo vibe.

I feel like I barely started to scratch the surface. I so desperately want to code and create every day towards the vision I have.

i'm pulling an allnighter.
here's a work in progress
of an GUI where I can manually control a processing sketch. The control will eventually be passed to some patterns, but look at the becoming-beauty!

Going crazy with this project.
Need sleep.

In the last years of his life, Paolo Uccello was a lonesome and forgotten man who was afraid of hardship in life.

His last known work is The Hunt, c. 1470, an early example of the effective use of perspective in Renaissance art, with the hunt participants, including people, horses, dogs and deer, disappearing into the dark forest in the distance.

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