Solange - Almeda (Official Video)

(testing copyright infringement using video uploads of mastodon to prove how the argument that audio-only uploads would make mastodon an audio filesharing platform and therefore audio-only uploads are not worth implementing is bogus)

The human animal is not the only sentient being on earth which has the ability to express love and emotion.

to reduce animal suffering, save environment, and improve your health.

How can I help my android phone to be able to display extended set of utf8 characters in apps?

Pretty amazing show tonight - the "Technoburlesque: Image Snatchers". We had full house - mostly pre-reservations. We are blessed with audience that keeps coming back wanting to see new and old numbers and keeps inviting their friends.

Also, used Behringher's X16 mixer and it worked without a glitch as USB interface, stage box, and a mixer (with dynamics, eqs, reverb proc.) with jack, Mixxx, pulseaudio, Renoise and VLC (for video) on Ubuntu.

So, the new issue of The Wire magazine is here again. The interesting thing is that print edition is not yet in the digital form. So, looks like print subscribers get an 'early access'. Although since I own a nice tablet I'm considering a digital-only subscription.

Soo Lucas, better known as Soo Catwoman (often written incorrectly as Sue Catwoman), was associated with the London punk subculture that sprang up around the mid-1970s.

Soo created her trademark Catwoman haircut in an Ealing barber shop in 1976. The hair around the sides and back was severely cropped close to the head with the two sides flared up to suggest the ears of a cat.

Extremely proud to release TODAY a very special composition/album by Nina Dragičević called "Ma'am, there is no such thing in reality" on our freeform boutique netlabel Kamizdat.

Available as a free and name-your-price download and on limited edition hand-made hand-numbered USB booklets (photos forthcoming!).

:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:

Mobile photo of the day.

Working with new Behringher X18 Air mixer and audio interface. Tried for the first time to connect via USB, just run jackd and I was able to record from the mic input into .

Had little trouble to find the right IO matrix in control app on the tablet but once I assigned it correctly I could use it as output too.

Since we have an ad in the new issue of The Wire it was of utmost importance to update the design of out web page!

Go check it out!


Good morning from the CET (GMT+1) timezone.

Yesterday (8 hours ago) I (finally) published an album and a music video - I wanted to do it by the end of December, but sadly it didn't work out. So I'm extra happy this is out now and I'm also pretty satisfied with it.

It could be called .. but also I guess. If you'll listen to it, how would you describe it?


@basspistol @snowdusk_
Boosts extra appreciated

Just a few hours left till release. I'm doing some final renders, transcoding videos and uploads, writing down credits.

decided that instead of one video in three parts I will release three videos.

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