Always a great feeling to tick off 'mark as shipped' when leaving the post office after sending our () merch (mostly limited edition USB booklets)!

A book by Terre Thaemlitz arrive, very fast delivery, thanks 'zaglossus'. Another window into genderqueer audio, research continues.


(Not so happy with the overall result yesterday but there's just so much one can do. I'm not beating myself up about it, but I need to rest first and then clear my head and set a clear path forward.)

From Zagreb performance of Matija Ferlin's Staging a Play: The Glass Menagerie two days ago.

Second piece in the series Staging a Play starts in couple of minutes: Tartuffe. Nine performers dancing 70minutes to organ music. This time I can sit and watch.

We've bought our own wireless mics. Two differentnstage pieces need them. They were cheap but Shure. We are now independent from technical quirks of different audio tech providers.


this is meant to be as a kinda background signature music for a contemporary art award

*notices the home folder drive is full*

*runs baobab*

*jaw drop*

ok, how the f* did jackdbus made a log file of the size of 35gigs? and why?

Become my patron, support free music & art-making with open source and get exclusive access to a work-in-progress track that I'll be using tonight on the premiere.

Work on Maja Delak's "Just for Today".

Today's the general rehearsal.
Tomorrow's the premiere.

We are good, I just need to write that GUI.

this simple tweak in and your fave documentation site turns pretty much into a zenburn themed one.

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