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Preparing for tomorrow and the day after, premiere in Ljubljana, using and CALF audio plug-ins for live vocal processing and cue/play tracks and, most importantly, boosting some cuddly sub bass using CALF's multiband compressor.

Posted a private "listen" of a collage from Antigone soundtrack to .

More to come soon!

Good day!

Back in the studio.
Before I start making order I played myself a vinyl I ordered from France for a project purposes. This instrumental version of Donna Summer's "She Works For The Money" is not available on CD.

I shot a short video on my mobile and used a free "Video Transcoder" app for android to get its filesize from 50megs to 5mb.

(@fdroidorg didn't want to give me a compatible version, so I downloaded apk from project's github)

Spent a wonderful day:
- took a dog on the last long walk to beautiful sunny hot Istrian nature
- helped S put away the tribune
- drove to Pula for a long coffee with M's friend
- swimming & sunbathing for about 3 hours on a beach for dogs
- late lunch at a discovered local village restaurant
- one last producer meeting, the car is packed, ready to drive into the sunset towards hometown of Ljubljana.

The show was successfully finished, I'm quite satisfied with the music & sound.

I've been at the Wine Cellar. I played at Happy (didn't meet Jeff Henderson tho). That was 10y+ ago.

I miss very much.

obligatory seaside summer photo Show more

The day of premiere. Flyers arrived. Need to record the music for the last act using granulators in . We decided on the music for VII act last night.

There's tension, our small team is working on final touches to scenography, director-performer is rehearsing the lines of texts and lines of movement, nobody is panicking, all egos are focused to their tasks.

It's a fortune to be working with these amazing people.


It's really weird.
The premiere is in three days and
I. Have. All. The. Music. Ready.

I'm waiting for others now.
This does not happen to me, it's truly an exception. I usually delay and procrastinate and fiddle till the last moment and then panickly try to finish the basic stuff, while others are waiting for me.

Not sure what to think of this.
But it's a good feeling!

I'm grateful to everyone who are supporting my latest release, financially and/or otherwise! 📢

There's also a subjective feeling that being and posting on :mastodon: helps in getting my work to people who appreciate it to a degree where they actually leave a tip, order that limited edition item or by becoming a patron.

Thank you!!! 💚 :cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:

Good morning.

Kinda tired from all the driving and performing yesterday.

ZNFI noise festival is a really great effort. Organized by my labelmate Neven (from Dodecahedragraph/Ontervjabbit/Cadlag) and helped by great collaborator and visual artist "5237". Even sold some CDRs in the short time I was there.

Ready to play in 10mins at this crazy old mining place, in Trbovlje (actually has the highest chimney in Europe) on International Noise Festival Zasavje (ZNFI)...

Continuing the series of *Kamizdat Rentgen* clubnights presenting the adventurous sonic explorers.

Design by Stella Ivšek aka VJ 5237

Love your net/label! If you order wetware stuff from us, you get STICKERZ!

PS: this is a rare, very rare promotional message from this account, I promise! I'm just to excited about the stickerzzz!

These limited edition hand-folded beauties are now hand-numbered and available for you. With a poem by @dogtrax and designed by amazing Stella Ivšek aka VJ 5237

Next week I'm playing at noise festival that actually features some very interesting artists.