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Luka Prinčič [ ☕💻🎶🎛️ ] @luka

why is my pulseaudio filtering out everything bellow 100hz? if i connect VLC directly to JACK bottom end is there. but when via pulseaudio...


i got it.

pulseaudio load-module module-jack-sink/source has to be loaded with channels=2 argument on a jack with 6+ channels, otherwise it will create separate subwoofer port (and HPF on front out) which will not be connected to soundcard by default when playing audio via pulseaudio (firefox, vlc, etc).

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@pettter don't. I have read nothing but bad things about this developer. Somebody even wrote about something resembling a conspiracy theory where through him and red hat us gov is trying to destabilize gnu/Linux ecosystem

@luka :endless_screaming:
Why does pulse audio even exist? Why doesn't everything run on #Jack? #PulseAudio