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Yesterday's gig at the probably smallest venue in town "Klub Monokel" (yes, lesbian/LGBT) was one of the best in along time.

I played for 6h straight, and just before it I shopped for a big pack of tracks (~35) that I had on my wishlist on Juno.

Lately I'm discovering a new breakbeat/bass/electro blend that seems to work really well and I like it because it's more focused on bass/funk atmosphere than power of the beats. Idk it's always tricky with dancefloors and non-4/4 music anyway.

Video 1 from yesterday. (Warning: loud distorted audio + wrong orientation)!

Since I heard the new tracks I bought on a big soundsystem for the first time and since people've seemed to been having some great fun, I danced too like I didn't for quite a while.

I'm using UbuntuStudio with Mixxx and a Livid OHMRGB controller.

Also on the laptop lid you can see the GNU head and even a GNU social sticker (it's from the time when mastodon didn't yet exist).

I didn't record the set, but Mixxx automatically saves the time-stamped history of played tracks. I'm planning to record some mixes/podcasts soon.

I'm really sorry for the loud distorted audio.

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