I'd like to see patronage of arts to be normalized as an ethical standard of civilized life. Like it's completely normal to stop on a red light - it's not because you feel sorry for those who are waiting to cross the street, but because it's normal, an agreed practice, a rule.

Every time I see an artist posting their patreon page asking for support because they can't make ends meet I feel sick because that person has to beg in this way. Then motivation for patronage has a color of pityness.

@luka I think if art is a public good then it has to be public funded. Private funding leads in a very different direction, both are required really...

@nebogeo but i also ponder how public/private is crowdfunding-kind of patronage? to some degree it's public, although not 'whole' public in the sense that everyone pays taxes into gov budget which then allocates such and such amount to culture which is then further distributed through ministry councils boards commissions and applications... it seems such a long road compared to something like Patreon (or LiberaPay) .. of course there are other pros and cons.

@luka Crowdfunding is private and commercial - and as such not determined by democratically elected representatives. Commercial transactions are much more direct indeed, but you are playing as part of a market place - so competition is different.

@luka form follows funding - there are definitely things you can't do in a market place that you can with public goods, and vice versa.

@luka for me these things go wrong when this is mixed up - e.g. public money being spent on maximising profit for a private company or private money spent on something the state should be in control of

@luka for arts specifically my favourite 'purpose' which cuts across both is "conspicuous waste" - we are so RICH and SUCCESSFUL that we can splash money to these crazy people (not so common these days outside of China)

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