I'd like to see patronage of arts to be normalized as an ethical standard of civilized life. Like it's completely normal to stop on a red light - it's not because you feel sorry for those who are waiting to cross the street, but because it's normal, an agreed practice, a rule.

Every time I see an artist posting their patreon page asking for support because they can't make ends meet I feel sick because that person has to beg in this way. Then motivation for patronage has a color of pityness.

suddenly i have a fantasy that an artist would have his own "agent" on governmental level in the cultural ministry that would act as a multi-level interdisciplinary connector - they would meet with you on regularily to see what are you working on and what opportunities are there for you as an artist to get exposure, grants, funding all tailored to your art practice, no matter how outrageously experimental. this person would take care of you and listen and know what you need more than yourself.

@luka they have tried something like that around here (more 'creative industries' than fine art) but the trouble is the advisors tend to be too domain specific to their fields still

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