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Luka Prinčič [ ☕💻🎶🎛️ ] @luka

I'm grateful to everyone who are supporting my latest release, financially and/or otherwise! 📢

There's also a subjective feeling that being and posting on :mastodon: helps in getting my work to people who appreciate it to a degree where they actually leave a tip, order that limited edition item or by becoming a patron.

Thank you!!! 💚 :cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:

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@luka do you also have a LiberaPay account? I'd love to throw a few symbolic cents your way for everything you do for Libre audio :)

@luka Done! Sorry it's so tiny, but it all adds up, and I'm still to purchase your new record ;)

@studiodessai Every single ¢ counts! You can always stream/download the music from Bandcamp for free, of course if you leave a bit of tip is totally amazing, of course. Thank you for your support!