Controversial thoughts on white people 

A few folks have hit me up and asked why I'm so down on white people, so negative, so hostile, etc.

This has always been a funny question to me because it completely ignores the history past and current of white identified peoples and their continuing violence against people who do not look, think, act like them.

I don't view resisting, fighting, not humoring people who want you dead as 'controversial'. I view it as common sense.

Controversial thoughts on white people 

It's not as bad as it was on Birdland, but it still happens here where random white people who internalize what I say engage with a particular hostility about my views about the culture the identify with.

It is not my fault that the main benefactors of centuries of extreme violence, marginalization and oppression are white people.

That's just historical fact. That's what history says about white people. That's not my opinion.

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Controversial thoughts on white people 

My views are only 'controversial' if you are ignorant of this history that continues to this day, the most visible example being the latest US POTUS election.

I'm not saying white people love racism because I think every white person is racist. I say white people are racist because that is what they are _showing_ us.

It's not me that is piercing the bubble of white delusion. It is history itself. There is a reason why education is not valued in the US.

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Controversial thoughts on white people 

I understand talking plainly about the affects of white American culture is shocking for a lot of people that can relate and identify with that culture.

If this is you, you need to examine _why_ this is so shocking to you and why the first reaction you reach for is hostility. You need to investigate why your first thought is to harm a person you don't know.

You need to reflect on why speaking on reality is so offensive to you.

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Controversial thoughts on white people 

In light of history and current events, I don't believe I need to bend over backwards to convince or change the minds of white people concerning the sincerity of my desire make real connections and have honest conversations.

I believe it's the other way. White people need to put more effort into convincing me they aren't bigots. Why? Because in white communities, those are the people that have the loudest voices.

That's called reality.

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Controversial thoughts on white people 

@Are0h It's a hard thing to wrap one's brain around at first, from this side of things. You're not just conversing with me, you're conversing with all the (probably not examined) assumptions and baggage that comes with my privilege. And you're probably tired of having to play schoolteacher to one white dude after another.

"But I'm a nice person, how can you assume I'm a bigot?!?"

Controversial thoughts on white people 

@greyduck Ah, but that's the magic of it. I don't assume anyone is a bigot. If one internalizes what I'm saying, you're _showing_ me your a bigot.

Most people don't pay attention to how I move on here, but I never go after people. Like ever. That's not my thing. The people that get the hard butt end of my commentary have shown me they are not amenable to reason, so they are treated accordingly.

I have no need to assume b/c people show me what they are.

Controversial thoughts on white people 

@Are0h @greyduck

This thread gave me a lot to think about.

Thank you.

Especially this last explanation.

I'm sorry for the racism, I wish that gross white imperialism and slavery didn't happen. And all violence to this day. But it did. And every single drop of blood echoes far into the future.

I hope I understand.

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