🐘.art now supports the full set of custom emojis!

:cc_cc: :cc_sa: :cc_by: :cc_nd:
:cc_share: :cc_remix: :cc_pd: :cc_zero:
:cc_nc_us: :cc_nc_eu: :cc_nc_jp:

Thanks to @Curator !

Here's a guide to those icons:

:cc_cc: - Creative Commons
:cc_by: - attribution
:cc_sa: - share alike
:cc_nd: - no derivatives
:cc_nc_us: :cc_nc_eu: :cc_nc_jp: - non-commercial
:cc_zero: :cc_pd: - public domain
:cc_remix: - remix
:cc_share: - share


I hope these get baked into every instance. Makes sense when you consider the level of open collaboration here.

@RussSharek @luka I have to admit that I won't be using them on tootplanet.space for concerns over violating the usage license of the CC iconography.

@InspectorCaracal @RussSharek @Curator "Creative Commons licenses the use of its button marks that describe particular legal tool and its icon marks that describe key license element, such as BY, NC, ND, and SA, on the conditions that you use the mark solely to describe the Creative Commons legal tool that applies to a particular work and, in a manner reasonable to the medium and context, include the URI or hyperlink to the relevant Commons deed on the Creative Commons server."

@luka @RussSharek @Curator so then doesn't the toot where you post all the icons violate this license?

@InspectorCaracal @RussSharek @Curator i don't think there's a licence on icons. they are (probably) protected trademarks? i think their intended use is for publishing works under CC licences. if you use it otherwise i don't know. I think that the only case where there would be a real legal problem would be if you'd use it as part of some other trademark. but as part of some (irrelevant) posts? i don't think so. they wouldn't be happy to see it but i doubt they will do any legal action.

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I can imagine a case where you write an academic article about the icons. the article is fully under 'all rights reserved' and you include the icons as part of your discussion on them. I think using them as part of your posts is totally ok, as long as I don't invent my own (LP) licence and use their icons.

Of course I'm not a lawyer and this is not a legal advice.

cc: @Curator @RussSharek

Here are the Creative Commons trademark policy terms: creativecommons.org/policies/#

I think the bottom line is: don't use it for anything else than licencing under

Is the admin of the mastodon instance is liable? Since I explained to them in what way icons (trademarks) are available on mastodon.art (as custom emojis that everyone can use as they see fit) and they endorsed it, I doubt that this would ever be a problem for the instance.

@RussSharek @Curator @InspectorCaracal

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