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I'm a computer musician creating

⇒ various forms of electro-funk and bass ()

⇒ ambiental drone, noise and sonic experiments ()

⇒ expanded cinema & projects ().

I also:
⇒ do
⇒ run a small local w/ boutique physical releases
⇒ use &

support me on &

Sooooo happy to ready that Free Music Archive is staying online and functional and going forward!!!

"In the coming weeks, we will reopen artist/curator uploads and our Music Submission form and resume our regularly scheduled audio weirdness, curated playlist posts, and new releases here on our blog."

i changed my avatar picture but just realized that it's an 'direct eye contact' one. is this too triggering for anyone of you? please let me know, I'll change it. (i hope it's not too big to be that triggering)

"outlaw sensibilities,
self-made kinships,
chosen lineages,
utopic futurity,
exilic commitment,
and rage at institutions that police the borders of the normal --"

Always a great feeling to tick off 'mark as shipped' when leaving the post office after sending our () merch (mostly limited edition USB booklets)!

If someone tells you they're suffering from depression and you'd like to make them feel better, choose *any* topic other than their work or hobby accomplishments. They're probably finding it really hard to work on those, so you're pointing out that their merits as a human being center on a current failing.

Even if it's someone you only know through their work, there's plenty of encouragement and warmth to be shared by complimenting their past conduct, openness or kindness.

A book by Terre Thaemlitz arrive, very fast delivery, thanks 'zaglossus'. Another window into genderqueer audio, research continues.

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I really need to launch #WeDistribute soon. There's so much going on in the fediverse at the moment, and every day I haven't launched is another day that I've fallen behind. 😓

On a happier note, this is a kind of a snail race between myself and Dansup. Who will launch first: my website, or PixelFed federation? (sorry, Dansup) 😛

Good morning fediverse and :masto: .art!

It's a new week and a new day. Do something nice for yourself, a warm cuppa, biscuit, draw a doodle, hug a friend you love, read a book, get something done, take a walk in some greenery, play some music (on instrument or speakers), take a good care of yourself, you deserve it!


Drink some water
This message brought to you by someone who just remembered to drink her water

@vidyasagar @jorge Get a GNU/Linux server (preferably running Ubuntu 18.04) and type: sudo snap install nextcloud
Literally you can then open your browser and type in the IP address (or domain) of your server and set up the #Nextcloud admin account and start using it.

Thanks to Sunbeam folk, I'm reading Social Ecology and Communalism and it's not exactly easy to read, I expected it to be more terse but it already changes my perception from "delete all humans" to "actually all of this is extension of natural development, we're just overpowered".


(Not so happy with the overall result yesterday but there's just so much one can do. I'm not beating myself up about it, but I need to rest first and then clear my head and set a clear path forward.) are extended thru to Sun. Invite your friends & thank you for inspiring others.

As always, let them know of y/our :masto: positive & constructive community's terms w that invite code to help build this place in your eyes—this ain't tumblr or t.

If you're means are understandably limited then please boost, fave, follow and enjoy the other artists' inspiration. & if you can ever contribute $upport:

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I visit Wikipedia almost everyday. I've learned so much stuff from it. It's amazing it exists. I donated. If you can, you should too.

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