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Managing your New Year expectations and boosting your career in 2021: those New Year resolutions feeling a little less viable this year? shares his advice for achieving your goals, and getting ahead in 2021

Classic with a twist: Karnit Aharoni lived and worked all over the world before deciding to create her luxury designer label in . She tells Jack Yan her story and her approach to creating

In brief: Gizem Emre for L’Oréal Paris; Tania Dawson for Bikinis by Shek; Hilde Osland for Lounge Intimates

A new take on geta from Andrea Gramaccia; Ruby’s latest for summer; Zegna shows winter ’21

Simone Rocha is H&M’s next designer collaboration

Rachel Hunter: an earth angel spreads her wings. She shares her discoveries about revitalization, reinvention and renewal with women everywhere through media, meditation, nutrition and yoga, reports Jody Miller

If you followed us on Hubzilla, our address has changed. Unfortunately we were unable to import the old settings, so the very few of you affected will need to rejoin. We are now at

Putting yourself first: our selection to start off 2021 is all about making you feel your best, from lush lashes to a woody fragrance

After the events of January 6, Emily Ratajkowski and others point to the real dangers

Halle Berry fronts Finishing Touch Flawless campaign

Fresh starts for the Spanish spring: wanted audiences to cast off their pandemic-affected winters as it showed vibrant spring 2021 collections. Meg Hamilton makes her picks for the season

Beauty’s essential workers: the usual awards’ season suites might not be on this time round, as the US struggles with COVID-19, but the Pro Safety Summit in January introduces a considered way to look at innovation, reports Elyse Glickman

IMM’s sustainable shoes: designed by immigrants, made by immigrants

A trio of fragrance débuts from Versace, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Carolina Herrera

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