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Fashion round-up: Malo’s autumn–winter 2020–1; earrings for masks; Sanuk and Airstream partner

Chanel shows Mademoiselle Privé Bouton watch collection

Extra-strength beauty: Meg Hamilton and the Lucire team take note of the latest luxuries in this month, from the newest Miss Dior to a service that helps people outside the US get their fix

British Fashion Council opens second round of applications for BFC Foundation Fashion Fund

Smooth thinking: whether it’s a smooth taste, a smooth ride, or a smooth design, Lola Cristall and Meg Hamilton have made a premium selection this month

Delectable : as Boston and Cambridge, , get back on track after , Lola Cristall has her choices on where you can dine out

Former Lucire beauty ed. could be Ms Health & Fitness, with your help

The Body Shop and Wā Collective help get period products to Kiwis in need

Yoshikimono part of Tokyo National Museum’s Kimono exhibition

Lady Gaga is the face of Valentino’s upcoming Voce Viva perfume

Mellerio shows off latest rings in its bridal jewellery collection

Blenders goes beyond sunglasses and snow goggles as it launches blue light-filtering eyewear

Unmasking the : from the history books to hot off the runway: Victoria Whisker looks at how the face has evolved from necessity to a accessory and why so many people are creating their own

New York’s sophisticated spots: some prime culinary destinations await customers’ return as the state sees its COVID-19 infections drop after weeks of lockdown. Lola Cristall has the low-down on numerous favourites

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