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Dyson Corrale hair straightener to be released in New Zealand July 7

Mannequins wearing the latest fashion help “social distancing” in Vilnius cafés and restaurants

Instagram round-up, May 27: as some emerge from lockdown

Vanishing Earth: artist Natalia Kapchuk’s work is a reminder of our society’s impact on our ecology, including the destruction of natural habitats. Elina Lukas checks out her latest project, The Lost Planet

Country cool: Elyse Glickman reports that there is more to than Nashville and Memphis, which resonates with its rich musical legacies

The Hacker, chapters 13–16: Jan de Vries has found himself in the thana, while Jaitendra, an ally of Ricky Talsera, gets closer to Shaitan Vikram, in this latest excerpt from travel editor Stanley Moss’s novel, The Hacker

Sofia Vergara, Foster Grant team up on new affordable eyewear line and charity initiative

Beauty round-up: Irina Shayk’s ‘obsessed’ with Mimi Luzon; Ernő László brings back Marilyn Monroe’s toner

Alana aims to ‘save the high street’, offers fashion retailers an accessible e-commerce platform

Pininfarina at 90: creating the future with connectivity, data and AI

The Hacker: chapters 9–12: in this latest excerpt from travel editor Stanley Moss’s novel, The Hacker, Shaitan Vikram and Talsera all await Jan de Vries, who has also caught the attention of a Delhi police officer

Halo effect: Malaika Boysen Haaning, the designer behind Malaika New York, differentiates her label through its commitment to zero waste. Jack Yan interviews the Danish-born, US-based designer

Spending weekends with Cleo on Third: Elyse Glickman discusses Mediterranean with chef Jan Claudio of Cleo on Third in West Hollywood, who brings in his Puerto Rican heritage and combines it with executive chef Danny Elmaleh’s vision

British Fashion Council names 37 designers receiving COVID-19 emergency fund support

In brief: Lamborghini, ID Emerging Designers go virtual; Net-à-Porter, Godiva commemorate 520

Supermodel Naomi Campbell shoots herself for Essence’s 50th anniversary issue

The Hacker, chapters 5–8: Shaitan Vikram resurfaces in the third part of our of travel editor Stanley Moss’s novel, The Hacker.

Flavour 101: a world of advice from chef Tony Reed—’s Tony Reed and his team share ideas for cooking, knowing that spices can be the key to good health as well as great flavour. Elyse Glickman finds out more

Italian footwear brand DIS gets creative: an app that measures your feet for hand-made shoes

Naersiling takes its autumn–winter 2020–1 show live online

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