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The Hacker: for those facing an extended lockdown during the pandemic, have we a tale for you, serialized over the upcoming weeks, by travel editor Stanley Moss

Always great to see one of our team—our US west coast ed., Elyse Glickman—praised for her work! Much deserved, too!

Yes, a lot of what comes on to our Mastodon account is automated … but we’re definitely happy to chat properly!

Watches at both ends of the market pay homage to NASA

Instagram round-up, April 24: whatever you do, don’t mention the pandemic

Fast and furious fashion: after decades of being the realm of early adopting computer users, e-commerce is now the norm—but will a western or Chinese model prevail? Bhavana Bhim asks

Anne Klein teams up with founder’s granddaughter in COVID-19 initiative

Lego Technic and Ducati re-create Panigale V4 R; Ferrari helps with COVID-19 fight

Audi launches new A3, with high-tech features and Quattro-inspired looks

Twenty years later, Paula Sweet’s website hits the refresh button

Net-à-Porter holds first menswear day at its Tmall Luxury Pavilion store

Have , will : whether your future travel plans involve spas, or you insist on spa-inspired goods for all of your travels, Elyse Glickman and Leyla Messian report that the Organic Spa 2019 Experience Wellness & Travel event has you covered

The lockdown continues: celebrity Instagram round-up, April 10

Arthur Chen unveils Tissot’s newest range in webcast

Weight: a moment—the US car industry’s design excesses of the 1970s had their roots somewhere, mirroring what was happening in fashion.

Arthur Chen becomes global ambassador for Tissot, promotes the Chrono XL

Exchange you can believe in: some labels merely preach . goes several steps further, equipping communities and inspiring creativity. Jack Yan talks to its founder Andrea Bury

In a more meaningful mode: the fashion, beauty and luxury sectors respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in the west, now the hardest hit part of our planet.

Demi Lovato for Fabletics collection pledges US$125,000 to WHO COVID-19 fund

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