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Good “house” keeping: Vitalie pours into her family’s centuries-old legacy, while paying tribute to the contributions actors are making to Hollywood. Elyse Glickman speaks with her

Banana Republic’s spring 2020 campaign honours Black History Month

Retail: travel ed. Stanley Moss launches merchandising site; Net-à-Porter adds Chinese designers to Tmall

Parasite makes history at 26th SAG Awards; Joaquin Phoenix, Rénée Zellweger take top acting prizes

That earlier Tweet didn’t work so here’s a second attempt … IFTTT makes it very hard to edit the applets. Thank goodness for web histories.

Testing … we changed some privacy settings (made them more strict) and had to reconnect Twitter to Facebook. Hopefully our Facebook fans can see this as well as our Twitter followers.

Jennifer Lawrence’s NYC penthouse apartment up for sale at US$12 million

Hollywood celebrates Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics at Gold Meets Golden

Fierce loyalty: Wolf & Bear Collective has gained a loyal following in its first year, with a story that resonates alongside a mission to care for our planet, writes Jack Yan

Balinese choices, part 2: Stanley Moss heads to Bali for seven weeks, and immerses himself into the local culture. In part two of our series, he looks at five must-stay properties

British Fashion Council and Alexander James open group show in Soho, celebrating talent

Kylie Minogue leads ill-timed Christmas campaign to entice Brits to Australia

Kelly Rowland and Fabletics release third activewear collaboration for winter ’20

Beyoncé relaunches Ivy Park with an Adidas collaboration

Getting real on faux fur: we look at House of Fluff, one of faux fur’s premier labels that gained such a fast following that it was called upon to re-create Elton John’s coats in .

Sail away: Jody Miller discovers how World of Hyatt and Linblad Expeditions are making it easier to unearth your inner explorer

Merry Christmas to all our team, our readers, and our supporters!

The Body Shop’s Body Yogurt range a treat for Christmas

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