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The next big thing: Lola Cristall gets a heads-up on products and a preview of this year’s Cosmoprof trade show

Wonderful seeing one of our layouts from the 2000s on photographer Gordana Sermek’s website (she took the photos):

Taron Egerton, Rosamund Pike, Finn Cole, David Coulthard, Dermot O’Leary attend IWC’s Silver Spitfire send-off

After noticing Dermot O’Leary’s name in our pages, it dawned on us that his first appearance in was almost 20 years ago. Here is our 1999 with him:

(We’d love to do a new piece with you,!)

New German brand Xumu releases oversized autumn–winter 2019–20 coat collection

Supersonic boom: award-winning hairstylist Michael Beel has been named a styling ambassador for Dyson. Sopheak Seng speaks with him

Finishing up summer ’1: for August, we’ve brought together must-haves from three countries, as chosen by Lola Cristall, Meg Hamilton and our team

More than 800 Kiwi beauty fans line up for Sephora’s opening in Auckland

Jaeger-LeCoultre celebrates in London with Benedict Cumberbatch, Ellie Bamber, Juliet Stevenson, Clarke Peters

lead actress is the cover story in issue 40, and in our August issue as well. Find out more at

Point taken: Jack Yan talks to Spencer Harrington, a New Zealand-born artist who’s gaining an international reputation for his work

If you’re wondering whether the George Rush mentioned in this article, doing an interview with Jeffrey Epstein in 2009, is the same George Rush who has penned some great travel articles for us, the answer is yes.

Of course George has been investigating.

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra to perform Skyfall score to coincide with Bond 25 release

Aston Martin shows renderings of 2020 DBS GT Zagato from its £6 million DBZ Collection duo

Bridging cultures: since launching her own label in 2012, Saudi designer, Nora Al-Shaikh has continued to craft unique designs that bridge cultures and have earned her a loyal following. interviews her

Mid-year picks: whether you’re experiencing summer (have we got a great skin protection mist for you) or winter (a fresh eau de parfum will lighten your day), here are some of our picks for July

The changing of the guard: numerous labels around the world have new talent: the second half of the decade looks very different to the first. As a result, there’s tension between past and present

On the pulse of our modern world: travel editor Stanley Moss releases three books

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