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Cara Delevingne, Rita Ora launch Rimmel London’s anti-cyberbullying campaign, I Will Not Be Deleted

The rise and rise of Bench: from humble beginnings with a T-shirt business, to an empire that spans and beauty on a worldwide basis, Ben Chan tells @jackyan about his philosophy as Bench’s creative director

Emily Ratajkowski and Ebay promote luxury accessories for early holiday shopping

The return of Snejana Onopka: the elusive Ukrainian supermodel exclusively talks to Reilly Sullivan about what’s next

Butterscotch, Russ and Marshmello headline Forbes’ Under 30 Summit Boston

To sir (Jonathan Gold), with love: Derek Poirier experiences a slimmed-down but sentimental reinvention of Taste of LA, one of the US’s pre-eminent food festivals

Moschino [tv] H&M releases look-book images, featuring Aquaria, Amiaya, and friends

The fall of the influencer: Lucire predicted the rise of the social influencer many years ago. But now that such ideas have mainstreamed, we’re less optimistic about their staying power

Spring 2019: creativity unleashed—collaborations, emerging labels, and old favourites all impressed Lola Cristall as she identifies her favourites from New York Fashion Week’s spring–summer 2019 looks

News of comfortable shoes: Alterre shows at Norwood Club; Allbirds celebrates Bird of the Year

Mad for : it might not have the same cachet as Paris or Milano, but Madrid has plenty of energy and colour to make it one to watch. We look at our favourites from its week

Gottschalk’s graphical message to Russia: simplicity

Talking up a Blu streak: Elyse Glickman tries out the Blu Room’s light treatment technology

WOW ’18 Once again, Lucire was the first to publish details of...

Natasha English and Tatyanna Meharry pick up their second World of Wearable Art Supreme Award

Natasha English and Tatyanna Meharry pick up their second World of Wearable Art Supreme Award

Lucire is first with all the results. Head here to find out more, including fashion editor Sopheak Seng’s favourites:

Tune in at 11.30 p.m. NZST when we’ll reveal all the winners of this year’s World of Wearable Art, and let you know which were fashion editor Sopheak Seng’s picks!

Saudia Ad Diriyah E-Prix brings Formula E to the Middle East; Saudi Arabia announces streamlined visa process

Emily Ratajkowski, Cate Blanchett present at Green Carpet Awards; Donatella Versace, Elle Macpherson among winners

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