Good “house” keeping: Vitalie pours into her family’s centuries-old legacy, while paying tribute to the contributions actors are making to Hollywood. Elyse Glickman speaks with her

Fierce loyalty: Wolf & Bear Collective has gained a loyal following in its first year, with a story that resonates alongside a mission to care for our planet, writes Jack Yan

Balinese choices, part 2: Stanley Moss heads to Bali for seven weeks, and immerses himself into the local culture. In part two of our series, he looks at five must-stay properties

Getting real on faux fur: we look at House of Fluff, one of faux fur’s premier labels that gained such a fast following that it was called upon to re-create Elton John’s coats in .

Sail away: Jody Miller discovers how World of Hyatt and Linblad Expeditions are making it easier to unearth your inner explorer

Pure expression: ’s Car to Be Seen in is a shape that has been with us for two years—and coming up to three. What makes it more qualified than this year’s many débutantes? Jack Yan attempts an answer

Reinventing formal wear: based in , Saudi designer Noora Alharthi, is best known for her stylish collections of women’s suits and jackets. met up with Noora to find out more

The personal touch: since she joined our team a year ago, editor makes visits after each issue’s publication to many of her featured subjects

Wired and wireless for sound: Having the right gear makes all the difference when you want to enjoy properly. Lola Cristall looks at some of the best quality speakers and headphones on the market

In the shadow of the Remarkables: offering stunning views of Lake Wakatipu, the Rees Hotel gives five-star luxury for those wanting both short- and long-term stays near Queenstown, writes Stanley Moss. Photos by Paula Sweet

Scents of positivity: Lola Cristall and the Lucire team look at a selection of scents for the summer and the festive season

LA life, in small bites: Elyse Glickman, Derek J. Poirier and Jody Miller confirm less is more when it comes to staging a good food festival, during the’ 10th annual Taste, at Paramount Pictures’ hallowed back lot

The gold standard: Eichhardt’s Private Hotel impresses Stanley Moss as a prestigious and well appointed place to stay in the heart of , New Zealand’s downtown

Balinese choices, part one: Stanley Moss heads to for seven weeks, and immerses himself into the local culture. This is the first in a series, beginning with a guide to Bali itself

Best dressed from the beginning: Jessica Rich never set out to be a shoe designer, she tells Meg Hamilton, but she believes she’s found her calling—and she has plenty of support with her celebrity following

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