Pure expression: ’s Car to Be Seen in is a shape that has been with us for two years—and coming up to three. What makes it more qualified than this year’s many débutantes? Jack Yan attempts an answer lucire.com/2019/1203ll0.shtml @AlpineCarsUK@twitter.com @AlpineCarsJP@twitter.com

Reinventing formal wear: based in , Saudi designer Noora Alharthi, is best known for her stylish collections of women’s suits and jackets. @anniewahab@twitter.com met up with Noora to find out more


The personal touch: since she joined our team a year ago, editor @anniewahab@twitter.com makes visits after each issue’s publication to many of her featured subjects lucire.com/2019/1201ll0.shtml

Wired and wireless for sound: Having the right gear makes all the difference when you want to enjoy properly. Lola Cristall looks at some of the best quality speakers and headphones on the market lucire.com/2019/1128ll0.shtml

In the shadow of the Remarkables: offering stunning views of Lake Wakatipu, the Rees Hotel gives five-star luxury for those wanting both short- and long-term stays near Queenstown, writes Stanley Moss. Photos by Paula Sweet lucire.com/2019/1125vo0.shtml

Scents of positivity: Lola Cristall and the Lucire team look at a selection of scents for the summer and the festive season lucire.com/2019/1122be0.shtml

LA life, in small bites: Elyse Glickman, Derek J. Poirier and Jody Miller confirm less is more when it comes to staging a good food festival, during the @latimes@twitter.com’ 10th annual Taste, at Paramount Pictures’ hallowed back lot lucire.com/2019/1111vo0.shtml

The gold standard: Eichhardt’s Private Hotel impresses Stanley Moss as a prestigious and well appointed place to stay in the heart of , New Zealand’s downtown lucire.com/2019/1105vo0.shtml

Balinese choices, part one: Stanley Moss heads to for seven weeks, and immerses himself into the local culture. This is the first in a series, beginning with a guide to Bali itself lucire.com/2019/1102vo0.shtml

Best dressed from the beginning: Jessica Rich never set out to be a shoe designer, she tells Meg Hamilton, but she believes she’s found her calling—and she has plenty of support with her celebrity following lucire.com/2019/1028fe0.shtml

For the sake of luxury: Lola Cristall indulges in luxury products, including Éminence and Innersense’s organic entries, and attends a panel discussion on Italian brands lucire.com/2019/1022be0.shtml

Making luxury ethical: Saudi designer Sadeem Alshehail launched her prêt-à-couture label Sadeem in 2016. Three years on, she’s already widely recognized as a leader in sustainable design. @anniewahab@twitter.com met up with her to find out more lucire.com/2019/1003fe0.shtml

A stunning Lucire KSA September 2019 cover! Hair by Michael Beel/@BuoyandMine; photographed by Val Cabadonga; makeup by Courtney Taylor; styling and creative direction by @sopheakseng_@twitter.com; modelled by Paige/Kirsty Bunny Management; set and florals from Yvette Edwards.

First with the results from World Of Wearable Arts, as always!

First with the results.

Double WOW: Rinaldy Yunardi wins World of Wearable Art Supreme Award for the second time


A new shape of time: has shown two watch collections that blend the best of and Berlin styles, writes Meg Hamilton lucire.com/2019/0906fe0.shtml

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