The nonconformists: Meg Hamilton examines some of Paris’s best ready-to-wear for autumn–winter 2020–1, discovering that designers were ready to question and break apart convention, letting their creative forces take hold

Coat tales: with winter fast approaching there is no better time to invest in the perfect coat. There is something to suit any mood, writes

Oyster’s your world—to dating: lawyer and entrepreneur Anishka Prasad has created an ingenious hybrid dating–dining app, Oyster Dates, serving, for starters, the city of . Jack Yan speaks with her

The Hacker, chapters 21–2: the parties all come to a head as Jaitendra delivers Shaitan Vikram to Talsera, with more unexpected turns to come, as we reach the conclusion of travel editor Stanley Moss’s novel, The Hacker

The Hacker, chapters 17–20: Mr Raj nears Talsera, and Shaitan Vikram returns to his apartment, as Jaitendra waits. We continue our serialization of travel editor Stanley Moss’s novel, The Hacker

Vanishing Earth: artist Natalia Kapchuk’s work is a reminder of our society’s impact on our ecology, including the destruction of natural habitats. Elina Lukas checks out her latest project, The Lost Planet

Country cool: Elyse Glickman reports that there is more to than Nashville and Memphis, which resonates with its rich musical legacies

The Hacker, chapters 13–16: Jan de Vries has found himself in the thana, while Jaitendra, an ally of Ricky Talsera, gets closer to Shaitan Vikram, in this latest excerpt from travel editor Stanley Moss’s novel, The Hacker

The Hacker: chapters 9–12: in this latest excerpt from travel editor Stanley Moss’s novel, The Hacker, Shaitan Vikram and Talsera all await Jan de Vries, who has also caught the attention of a Delhi police officer

Halo effect: Malaika Boysen Haaning, the designer behind Malaika New York, differentiates her label through its commitment to zero waste. Jack Yan interviews the Danish-born, US-based designer

Spending weekends with Cleo on Third: Elyse Glickman discusses Mediterranean with chef Jan Claudio of Cleo on Third in West Hollywood, who brings in his Puerto Rican heritage and combines it with executive chef Danny Elmaleh’s vision

The Hacker, chapters 5–8: Shaitan Vikram resurfaces in the third part of our of travel editor Stanley Moss’s novel, The Hacker.

Flavour 101: a world of advice from chef Tony Reed—’s Tony Reed and his team share ideas for cooking, knowing that spices can be the key to good health as well as great flavour. Elyse Glickman finds out more

The Hacker: in our second part of our serialization of travel editor Stanley Moss’s novel, we begin the story in earnest, introducing more of the team at struggling software firm Talsera in Gurgaon

Opulent destinations—mark them for your post-lockdown treats. Lola Cristall visits two spots with French connections: the Guerlain Spa at the Plaza Hotel in , and Martial Vivot’s long-running New York salon

Balancing act: Javicia Leslie, who plays Ali Finer in God Friended Me, tells Jack Yan about her role, her faith, and how she keeps her life balanced—not to mention her theory on just who is behind the ‘God account’ on the CBS hit show

The Hacker: for those facing an extended lockdown during the pandemic, have we a tale for you, serialized over the upcoming weeks, by travel editor Stanley Moss

Fast and furious fashion: after decades of being the realm of early adopting computer users, e-commerce is now the norm—but will a western or Chinese model prevail? Bhavana Bhim asks

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