Simply elegant: Malak Ahmed is one of a new generation of young up-and-coming Saudi designers. met with Malak to find out more

Some tangled vines in : George Rush weathers Georgian hospitality and stumbles into intrigue as he mixes with everyone from a Nobel-nominated poet to Trump-haunted plutocrats

Subtle solutions: (Cosmetic Executive Women) announced their best products for 2019 at separate events in London and New York. We look at some of the winners and key trends

From cherry blossoms to rock and roll: Nasiba Hafiz is widely regarded as one of Saudi Arabia’s most avant-garde women’s designers. Qurratulain Wahab visited Nasiba at her home in Jeddah to find out more

With the cares of the world far behind us: Jack Yan on the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Edition and the it pays tribute to

Pursuing the dream: since seeing her work among gift bags at suites, we became intrigued with Elina Petrosyan, the entrepreneurial teenager with a growing following. Leyla Messian meets her

More choice in : Stanley Moss adds the Ritz–Carlton Nusa Dua to his list of recommended hotels in Bali. Photographed by Paula Sweet

Stylish and elegant Epure lingerie, currently on sale at Cazar.

Presenting Lucire KSA, April 2019, with cover photographed by Damien Carney, styled and creative directed by Nikko Kefalas, make-up by Joanne Gair using Hudabeauty, hair by Adrian Gutiérrez. Shoot modelled by Natalia Bogdanova/Qmanagement and Snow Dollkinson/Silent Models.

Out of the box: Heather Chapplain’s range of upcycled fashion is winning over celebrities and the fashion-forward alike

worldpaintings: Kees Van Dongen The Corn Poppy (Le Coquelicot),...

Incredible Barbara Palvin has launched Victoria’s Secret’s...

Everlasting Cover for Lucire KSA April 2019, photographed by...

Restrained glamour: 20 years of covering New York Fashion Week, and we’ve seen the city go through confidence, recession, and cautious recovery. This season? Lola Cristall makes her picks

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