On the glow summer beauty: essentials for a vacation vibe at home or on the go dlvr.it/RzrhF4

A taste of Home-a-Kase by Soosh’s personalized, premium fine dining dlvr.it/RzXtKM

How ethical are the clothes we buy today? @MinkoffPeter@twitter.com shares his tips on how you can make better decisions for the planet with your fashion purchases


The unforgettable first century of Chanel No. 5
The world’s most famous celebrates 100 years since it was conceived. We look at its and how it came back with more than a little help from star power

Accentuate the minimalism: Max+min hits the luxury leather scene with sleek style and maximum versatility dlvr.it/RytKFm

Order the latest issue of Lucire now—shoots galore from our international team, Paris haute couture, La Katz going beyond sustainable, the incredible career of Victor de Souza, actress Rayana Ragan, and more! lucire.com/2021/0425ll0.shtml

Mizani: shifting the shape and perception of curly hair
recognizes the special care needed for textured hair, and global artistic director Tippi Shorter has developed a cut especially for it. Elyse Glickman checks them out
lucire.com/2021/0417be0.shtml @MizaniUSA@twitter.com

When reopens, head for the islands
Stanley Moss is looking at the top properties to head to once restrictions ease, and where better than two destinations in the Greek islands? lucire.com/2021/0421vo0.shtml

Exposing fast fashion
Victoria Whisker speaks with Berlin-based French designer Justine Leconte, who is passionate about ethical fashion and making sure that labels don’t use the COVID-19 crisis to stop paying their suppliers

Nicholas Eckerman and Lee Maen: rolling with the tides of changing tastes dlvr.it/RyB1Xv

Should I get my young son a pet rhino?
The Wildlife Conservation Education Centre is a must-visit, writes Douglas Cruickshank, whose son has fallen for the charms of a rhinoceros there

Casa Zeta-Jones: the Hollywood icon premières her latest venture dlvr.it/Rxv2kq

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