Check out issue 42 of Lucire! A Ukrainian label going to Morocco, our first travel story from mainland China, haute couture in Paris, sustainable style in Sweden, a top Canadian hairstylist, an American actress … it’s a very global issue! Order now at

For the love of it: based in Bologna, the Outlierman is a high-end brand creating driving gloves, and bags—all founded on a passion for classic cars. Jack Yan talks to co-founder Andrea Mazzuca

Little luxuries that go a long way: a gift guide for the times—Elyse Glickman’s handy guide to the must haves to refresh and revitalize body, mind and soul

The next beauty queen: Jennifer López, the most popular Latin entertainer in the US, is set to début her beauty line in January. We look through the clues that López has left about her new line since she first teased it in August

Hack Is Back, chapters 20–3: we bring you the conclusion of travel editor Stanley Moss’s Hack Is Back, the sequel to his acclaimed novel The Hacker

Hack Is Back, chapters 16–19: travel editor Stanley Moss continues with the next four chapters of Hack Is Back, the sequel to The Hacker

Bites of elegance in Massachusetts: Lola Cristall samples some of Massachusetts’ supreme spots for epicureans

Rebuilding nature through : , entrepreneur, fashion and : 25-year-old Joy Corrigan has a passion to protect our planet’s endangered species through the fashion label she founded with her sister. Jack Yan interviews her

Northern lights: over the years it has become fashionable to seek medical treatment while combining it with a holiday. Nordesthetics Clinic in might be one of the more exotic destinations for plastic surgery

Diving in, head first: entrepreneur Joseph Andrews launches a people-powered enterprise that gives style-conscious guys the products they really want and thoughtful direction on how to look their best, reports Elyse Glickman

We continue our serialization of travel editor Stanley Moss’s novel Hack Is Back, his sequel to The Hacker. Chapters 4–7 are at and chapters 8–11 at

Gastro Garage: passing the torched—Adam Manacker and Stewart Levine rev up their one-of-a-kind ‘dinner and a show’ concept for diners looking to get out and explore something new after a subdued summer, reports Elyse Glickman

A model life: Tiana Pongs knows the world inside out, from her 15-plus years in the industry as a sought-after, full-time professional. The model and actress tells us about her new book, Keep Smiling: a Career Guide for Models

Prompting a rethink: many companies expected the 2020s to be a new decade of rethought and reshaped products, from the grille of the new Hyundai SUV to how you store your tea

We serialize Stanley Moss’s Hack Is Back, picking up immediately after the conclusion of The Hacker, about a young technology company located in Gurgaon. Chapters 1 to 3 are online today:

Realizing your dreams: how does a successful London-based architect change career and become a shoe designer? Jack Yan talks to Jori Papa, whose unique designs have been winning acclaim internationally

Makers’ Mrkt—a celebration of the personal: Makers’ Mrkt is the antidote to mass production, with its personally curated selection of artisan-made items. Lucire speaks to its founder Kelly Thompson

Colourful and inclusive: clothes should empower and bring a smile to your face, and Adedoyin Okuleye’s Afrispec designs do just that. Bhavana Bhim speaks with the Nigerian-born, New Zealand-based designer

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