Karl Lagerfeld dead at 85, according to French media dlvr.it/QzD8Gd

The BBC on the Hemline Index: it is a reflector of the economy, but there’s a bigger lag than we traditionally think. bbc.com/ideas/videos/what-your

The customized is always right: @jackyan@twitter.com speaks with @goldno8@twitter.com founder Ariane Gold about her endlessly customizable bags lucire.com/2019/0214fe0.shtml

Hide and seek: Sibirien Stockholm’s leather accessories are luxurious and sustainably sourced, but it’s the individual care that makes them truly special lucire.com/2019/0207fe0.shtml

Fashion with feeling: Panos Emporio’s Panos Papadopoulos keeps it real dlvr.it/QyncNV

The king of Saudi retail: @anniewahab@twitter.com interviews Eyad Mashat, the man behind Femi9 and @vividflair@twitter.com lucire.com/2019/0211fe0.shtml

Abigail Boyle to retire from Royal New Zealand Ballet in March dlvr.it/QykYTD

Daniel Brühl, Gizem Emre, Lena Gercke, Toni Garrn among celebrities at Bulgari’s Berlinale party dlvr.it/QyX6lG

Photographer Paula Sweet and travel editor Stanley Moss with HH the Dalai Lama. Story coming soon!

Pampering with purpose: Elyse Glickman heads to Terranea Resort and Spa in Los Angeles, with a full complement of wellness retreat and Daycation options lucire.com/2019/0203vo0.shtml

Fuelling the fire: Dolce & Gabbana’s video campaign prior to a Beijing show in 2018 was labelled as racist. We look at this and the greater context at lucire.com/2019/0201ll0.shtml

Jacob Whitesides is the face of Viktor & Rolf’s next men’s fragrance dlvr.it/Qy2Ztn

Lady Gaga, Amy Adams, Emma Stone, Emily Blunt shine on 25th SAG Awards’ red carpet dlvr.it/QxkFvk

Ellie Goulding heads to Davos to bring attention to climate change dlvr.it/QxZz2G

Blogs are here to stay: reviewing Rosie Findlay’s Personal Style Blogs: Appearances That Fascinate, published by @intellectbooks@twitter.com. lucire.com/2019/0103ll0.shtml

Kendall Jenner, Yang Mi, Willow Smith and Jean Campbell front Stuart Weitzman spring ’19 dlvr.it/QxMY1Y

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