Singer Jeff Chang signs with Chinese betting platform, OB Entertainment

LG releases CES-award-winning UltraGear monitor with 1 ms response for US$399

British Fashion Council announces COVID-19 fund with £1 million available

Here’s our Lucire KSA cover, March 2020, starring Javicia Leslie, photographed by Jon Moe, make-up by Ivelisse Rosado, and styled by Cristina Tederick.

We haven’t been as great at uploading covers on Twitter and Mastodon as we have been on Instagram, so by way of catching up …

Order the latest issue of , starring Javicia Leslie, Camille Hyde, and the furs of Rocketman:

Please note that there will be delays in any print orders due to the lockdown, but digital editions are available.

Your own private club Med: when spring entertaining comes back, Elyse Glickman has three family recipes from Mediterranean restaurant Soom Soom’s Ronit Machlouf

For obvious reasons, there will be delays in getting hard copies of Lucire issue 41 to subscribers. We will dispatch them as soon as possible.

Shine on, no matter what: US celebrity journalist Susan L. Hornik shares news on an emerging Hollywood favourite sure to add spark to our at-home self-care routines

Comfort and security: the latest in lifestyle includes something to keep your clothes virtually bacteria-free, and luxury chocolate—they might be just the ticket in this climate

Lands’ End and Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James release swimwear collection

Twelve things I do to keep balanced while working from home

The next best thing: to those with the travel bug finding themselves at home, don’t fret: there are virtual museum tours, and more, to explore

A reminder: Lucire does not have paywalls online. Come on in and have a read:

Land of the Giants: shedding its haunted past, blooms as the next rainforest destination. George Rush explores the country

TAG Heuer launches new Connected smartwatches, with Ali Krieger, Ashlyn Harris and Paulina Vega

We’re unable to get our Tweets to our Facebook page. Facebook appears to be blocking them. Hope to get this fixed soon … though there is no manual on how to do it!

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