@luNix Welcome to the Fediverse! This aesthetic is right up my street. I can hear the sound the speakers make when they're turned on.

*presses degauss*

@wordsmith Thanks! Everything 4 channel based tunes flow out of this speakers :)

@luNix Welcome to the Fediverse, I guess. And the art really good.

@luNix Welcome! I'm curious to see your pixel art when you post.

@mauriziocarnago Thanx! And yeah, I will post some pixel art, but mostly older stuff created on my Commodore Amiga 1200.
This days "pixel art" seems dominated by upscaled blocks on modern hardware. Mine will be traditional, but made mostly on/for (nowadays) vintage hardware :)

@luNix Amiga! The best times for that kind of art. Maybe you already know it, but now to keep that flavor there is #LibreSprite that also allows you to make old style animations. github.com/LibreSprite/LibreSp

@mauriziocarnago Will have a look at it later :) I grabbed an AppImage for now

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