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Are you keeping up with the Commodore?
'Cause the Commodore is keepin up with you!

A while since I used my Manjaro machine with i3. But my muscle memory kicked right in. Now updated.
Not a monster machine, and I'm no gamer anyways. But good for simple tasks and lots of fun.

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Used in Astrology, a production by Whelpz, released at Astrosyn 1999.
I made the logo with Deluxe Paint, pixel by pixel.

Extra info:
The alien was ripped by some other group, used in a intro. Made me angry, but later flattered.

Random post. Hope you guys are okay.

Anyways, here's a shot of my C64, silent in the corner today as I'm working on my Amiga 1200 atm.

Take care

My file managers of choice:
Directory Opus 4 (Amiga)
Total Commander (Windows)
Total Commander (Android)
Ranger (Linux)

Could have been ViFM or maybe Midnight Commander on Linux, but Ranger actually rocks! :)

This is not pixel art, or is it?
Made in Deluxe Paint on a Amiga 1200 back in 1998.

Last night I spent some time on port 70 with alynx on my Amiga 1200. My first time using the Gopher protocol.
A nice little ride on the digital waves I might say

Here's a Commodore 64 picture in "multicolor mode" released at Gerp 2020, in Sweden. 1st place in Other Platform Graphics competition

I rarely make "full screen" pixel art like this, and I am actually color blind. That red-green type. And even if the C64 only have 16 colors to pick from, it's sometimes confusing. But it's still fun (sometimes)!

Tool: Pixcen (on modern hardware)

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Creature design for a students project a couple of years back. I've actually have done a lot of these designs which I am happy to share if you are interested. I'm uncertain if this warrants a Content Warning, it's not gory in any way, but it is getting into the horror genre. What's your opinion on that?


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