cw: mild gore, i suppose? (not sure how to classify it, but it's not for everyone i'm guessing? 😅 )

Oh... look. A new TNBTU page decided to appear. How nice.

Also, sorry it's a bit late, I was NOT feeling so great this week 😅

Omg, I digressed so much from my original point 🙃

I guess I'm not active on here (or any social media) is because I don't think anything I've got to say is worth sharing unless it's comic related 😅

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I want to be more active here, but I don't draw much anymore. All I draw are @tnbtu pages these days

I'm hoping to start an additional comic later this year. I know that's crazy to say considering how unreliable I am 😅 but I need some thing new to work on too. I've got so many more stories I need to draw.

I'll still work on @tnbtu and see it to the end. I can't come this far and abandon it


I use a masto→twitter crossposter, but heard it didn't work last week? I think I fixed it & it'll work this week. If not, I'll have to go on twitter (for the 1st time in months)
Last week's page for twitter: tnbtu.com/comic/12-14/

NEW TNBTU! (This updated yesterday, but I forgot to mention it on social media 😅)

Sorry for missing last week, I was beyond stressed, but I managed to post a new page today to make up for it!

Hey, creatures! New TNBTU!

Sorry for missing last week... I was physically unwell 😣
At least it wasn't covid related 😅

CW: blooood 🙃

TNBTU is back with a new page! 🌙

The site is still being worked on. It's kinda super bare bones right now. 😅 But, at least I finally got all the pages up.

Hey! I hope you're all well. Shit's been crazy since TNBTU last updated. It's been a while... but I'm back, and TNBTU's back:
cw: female presenting nipples

I'm new to this community, but not to Mastodon

I draw a supernatural sapphic romantic webcomic
tnbtu.com - @tnbtu
(sometimes nsfw)

Please take care of me, senpai


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