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Rainbow Alice ๐ŸŒˆ @loveisanalogue

Hello mastodon.art :)

New to Mastodon :) I've created an account where I started publishing daily cyberpunk themed flash fiction & poetry. (it's @loveisanalogue )

Having done this I started understanding the federation thing a bit more, and I found mastodon.art.

I like the local timeline here better. I could move the account here. But I've already posted things there and some people are following me.

Maybe having two accounts is better, so people who want to follow the flash fiction only can do that without having to read my other posts. (And then I could boost the flash fiction here, or is that a misuse of multiple accounts?)

What do other people do? Thanks :)

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@loveisanalogue @loveisanalogue
The 2 accounts sounds nice, or you could leave an announcement up at your other instance that you've moved over here. Do that's best for your sanity. :3

@loveisanalogue @loveisanalogue

hello and welcome.

i started and made accounts on four or five different instances before settling on one.

for a while i separated music stuff from more political/personal rambles to two different acc's. but at the end decided it doesn't matter to me personally and settled for a single one with all the complexity of my persona.

but local TLs are pretty important in the way they make you feel ...

btw: most people will follow you if you move instances

@loveisanalogue @loveisanalogue
I've wondered about multiple accounts for different audiences, like FOSS stuff on this one, and my mastodon.rocks one for generic whatever stuff. Maybe.