Will things get better?

Please boost for sample size.

@loveisanalogue @redcat Yes we can, which indeed makes all of this so very ironic! We can indeed do better — way better… but will we?

@redcat @loveisanalogue “The message well I hear, my faith alone is weak”. — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

(I beg your pardon. 😔)

@Ojelabii @loveisanalogue i understand that very well, hard to stay positive with a life full of negative experiences.
iirc bad memories also stick better

@loveisanalogue where's the "depends on what you consider better" option

Perhaps not in our lifetime... But... on the long run: Yes!


And: I still hope, we can make things better on a small scale. In our communities, with friends, chosen family and political groups.

climate doom 

@FunRandWeb @loveisanalogue the way CO2 emissions and all related problems are heading right now, our only options are 1) revolution 2) mass killing of humans or 3) making the planet uninhabitable within a few decades. And our chances for that are 1%, 19% and 80% respectively

climate doom 

@schratze @loveisanalogue Well, according to IPCC there's still time, and EU has set targets for 2030 and 2050. And especially after Russian's invasion the targets are taken more seriously to avoid the dependence on gas and oil.

It's not perfect, but at least climate change is taken in consideration by our politicians.

climate doom 

@FunRandWeb @loveisanalogue I would like to invite you to take a look at this wonderful timeline of earth's temperature, especially the bit at the end

climate doom 

@FunRandWeb @schratze @loveisanalogue Your post is probably ironic and I just don't get it. Otherwise, can you please show the part where the IPCC says we still have time?

climate doom 

@eiZen @schratze @loveisanalogue


> the world is close to reaching tipping points

so yeah *drastic* changes are needed, but we didn't yet pass the tipping point.

climate doom 

@FunRandWeb @schratze @loveisanalogue ...which clearly isn't meant as a relaxation statement.

And efforts targeting 2030, 2050, etc. are way too late, especially as we *increase* all our freakups in the meantime. CO2, methane, oil, coal, meat, just ... everything.

The tipping points are the ultimate "too late" markers, not some "now we should really hurry" indicators.

climate doom 

@eiZen @schratze @loveisanalogue Well I agree with you! I was just stating facts.

All things will get better in some ways, worse in some ways, be unchanged in some ways, be both better and worse by some measures, worse and unchanged in some instances, better and unchanged in others, and better worse and unchanged according to the tastes of a select few.

Short term. NO.
Middle term, a new civilization of dogs and robots may rise in our ruins. MAYBE.
Long term (barely over a hundred million years!), the Sun will heat up the Earth and life will be unsustainable. NO.

@derek @loveisanalogue as is, apparently, calling the vote in favour of No too early on this poll...

@loveisanalogue Probably should specify the amount of time it'll get better...

@loveisanalogue I, too, need a timeframe before I can give an answer which best reflects my opinion. In the short-term, I think climate and pandemic conditions will become even worse before we as a society are willing to make the hard but necessary lifestyle changes.

@loveisanalogue 99.999% of the world's evil is done by a minority of the world's population (the authoritarians and toxic prideful men in charge with their army of useless idiots, true believers and likeminded nasties)

if we can outlive them and keep them from recruiting above replacement levels there is hope

@loveisanalogue Eventually, probably. The long arc of humanity trends towards justice and freedom. Even with setbacks, humans do not take kindly to being trampled on forever. The only way that changes is if we all die, which isn’t a foregone conclusion.

@loveisanalogue They will. We may not all live to see it, but most of us are already laying the groundwork for revolution, whether that be in queer friendship, helping others grasp radical ideas, or direct action.

@loveisanalogue Historically objectively over time most "things" do in fact get better.

Particular things at any given slice of time however may seem intractably worse.

"Things" do not automatically get "better", much work and effort is involved to move a particular "thing" into the status of "better", and better is often correctly considered "insufficient" at that time.

So yes, after sufficient effort is put forth to improve, things often do.

@loveisanalogue ¿por que no los dos? Will probably get worse on many dimensions before it gets better, but my bet is on the long run

@loveisanalogue Over what time frame? Things will get worse, then better, then worse, then…

@loveisanalogue Depends on your timescale and definition of "better", but in the long run, yes, although we may spend our entire lives in the trough of "one step back" before the next "two steps forward" comes along.

@loveisanalogue I think yes, but you have to look over a 3+ generations.

There are times when the standard of living, life expectancy, etc. declines, but history is long and we always seem to get better in the long run.

@loveisanalogue gotta love how with 1,093 people (at the time of writing this) it's still at 50:50

@loveisanalogue For who? In what timeline? For what definition of better?
I'm not even being snarky! This question is like the halting problem for me.

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