Couple of hours messing around in LMMS, made a jaunty lil' tune. Give it a listen! It makes me happy :D

May expand on it tomorrow and make it a bit longer. :)

Voici ma dernière compo venant illustrer un de Tan Taigi pour le label Naviar Records :

Rite de la pluie
A la lumière des torches,
Nuit sur la montagne.

I've cleaned my desk ! So I can do this work environment pic at last :-) The microphone is a Zoom H1, I mostly use it to record myself singing. The grid is Novation Launchpad X, I use as (and in preference over) a midi keyboard.

The laptop is an old Dell Latitude, which I got second hand (refurbished) in 2015. It's running Ubuntu, and on the screens you can see LMMS and ZynAddSubFX.

Si vous utilisez , je viens de créer une regroupant mes dix chansons les plus plébiscitées ! Un bon moyen de découvrir ma  :

I love studio Ghibli movies because they break out of the rigid story telling mould we are used to.

Stories start before they start, and end after they end. Sub-storylines often have their own reason for being, and don't have an impact on the main storyline. Things are weird for no reason.

I'm not against moulds - I would not be able to make music without strictly adhering to Western music theory. But it feels so freeing when people have the skills to break out and make something beautiful.

short stories by trans authors wanted; trans artists too; *paid* 

"Short stories, 5,000 words or less (this is not a challenge, it really can be less. Longer isn’t always better). You, the author, must identify as trans."

"There’s no thematic requirement. The work need not contain queer and trans characters or content (though by all means, it can)."

"We are paying $150 for each published short story."

"All pieces will have an accompanying illustration; I am planning to use all trans illustrators. If you are a trans illustrator and would like to be considered for this project (and potentially for future projects), email me a link to your portfolio website and a quick, two-sentence artist statement."

"We can pay you $100 for one published feature image."

"Submissions close April 30!"

What's the Akai brand like in terms of midi keyboards?

First time using LMMS, first time using any music software for years, I used to compose in Cubase about 20 years ago with a Korg X5 :D

Anyway, @loveisanalogue posted a challenge ( to write a melody to the first few lines of Edgar Allan Poe's Annabel Lee. :)

En parlant d'Annabel Lee, j'aime beaucoup cette reprise par Lise Martin de la chanson de Hubert-Felix Thiéfaine, "3 poèmes pour Annabelle Lee":

@loveisanalogue @Curator Je ne vais pas entrer dans le mixage mais comme l’idée et le poème me plaisent beaucoup, voici mon improvisation du jour sur le thème d’Annabel Lee :

And here is my own entry ! It was harder than I expected, and to be honest with more time I would not keep this, and just re-do it from scratch 😬 But a challenge is a challenge 😃 ! Done in about 45 minutes.

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Inspired by @Curator , how about a music composition challenge/exercise ?

Write a melody to the first verses of Edgar Allan Poe's Annabel Lee:

"It was many and many a year ago,
In a kingdom by the sea,
That a maiden there lived whom you may know
By the name of Annabel Lee"

Full poem:

I'd say spend 30mn to an hour on this ? Do not worry about not doing justice to the poem - this is just an exercise :-)

Post results to this thread ! Sheet music and/or audio.

@Curator I notice that when people put links to Youtube videos, Mastodon automatically embeds a player.

Do you think the same could be done with simple audio files, so people don't have to click through to my website to listen to a piece ?

HTML wise it's a simple <audio src="..." />, but I don't know if that's hard to achieve with Mastodon ?

I have made a new piece of music, a piano and saxophone duet, entitled Dances with Nebulae.

This piece started as a 30 minute challenge prompted by @Curator . I quite liked what I did then, so decided to develop it further.

It was made with LMMS ( on Ubuntu.

You can play it from my website:

Or play the OGG file directly:

The piece is CC BY NC SA

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