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Currently I'm workin' on pieces for . A dinosaur illustration each day for the month of November! I've been posting them daily on my twitter/tumblr, I'm gonna start posting them here too.

Finally got to see the album art I painted a few months back in printed form, and MAN is it cool to see something go from digital to physical.

Music can be found here! It's sorta like bluegrass, but with teeth and themed around a southern-influenced, Fallout-sque post-apocalypse.

Fellow art buddies! Do you want an instance you can dedicate to your artwork so people can find it more easily? There's! It's a great instance and @Curator does a swell job.

Kicking off the morning by listening to music instead of watching a youtube video like I normally do and man its so much easier going into that make-mode with music first thing after waking up.

I can't wait to show the things I have backlogged on Patreon to everyone else this coming week. I am feeling pretty good about some of the recent things I've made and currently have up over there.

UPDATE: I bought some cat nip bubbles today and he was scared of those :|
My other meow was amused though.

If you know any trans, intersex, genderqueer, or otherwise full-of-genders folks who have been affected by the California wine country fires, please direct them to the Trans Disaster Relief Fund - found here:

I shall continue to hope that I won't need to turn to them myself.

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