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[ L J ] ๐Ÿ‘ป @lostSHAD3@mastodon.art

Currently I'm workin' on pieces for . A dinosaur illustration each day for the month of November! I've been posting them daily on my twitter/tumblr, I'm gonna start posting them here too.

Finally got to see the album art I painted a few months back in printed form, and MAN is it cool to see something go from digital to physical.

Music can be found here! t.co/y5lGgEbXiH It's sorta like bluegrass, but with teeth and themed around a southern-influenced, Fallout-sque post-apocalypse. mastodon.art/media/LVlYOeqtDX2

Anyone else having trouble posting with Amaroq? :X

Fellow art buddies! Do you want an instance you can dedicate to your artwork so people can find it more easily? There's mastodon.art! It's a great instance and @Curator does a swell job.

When your neighbor's putting up a christmas stuff and Halloween's not even half-way over yet.

Kicking off the morning by listening to music instead of watching a youtube video like I normally do and man its so much easier going into that make-mode with music first thing after waking up.

I can't wait to show the things I have backlogged on Patreon to everyone else this coming week. I am feeling pretty good about some of the recent things I've made and currently have up over there.

UPDATE: I bought some cat nip bubbles today and he was scared of those :|
My other meow was amused though.

If you know any trans, intersex, genderqueer, or otherwise full-of-genders folks who have been affected by the California wine country fires, please direct them to the Trans Disaster Relief Fund - found here: tdrfund.us

I shall continue to hope that I won't need to turn to them myself.