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Hey, so some unfun news:

This past week I've got hit with an infection and had to shell out more than I wanted for treatment and medication, and then more medication because it turns out I'm allergic to the first medication they gave me.

I'd deeply appreciate it if you could donate to my Ko-Fi. Alternatively, shares and best wishes are also deeply appreciated.

Link: ko-fi.com/lostshade

Little more info on what happened below

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hey! if you're a trans person with bills to pay, hit up the Hypatia Software Org! they have a cash assistance and laptop distribution program that have helped me make ends meet ๐Ÿ‘


Trying to get my liberapay set up but I keep getting 505 errors :/

I've been struggling drawing characters physically interacting with each other. I'm trying to fix that.

Also put that creature down this instant.

Hello all new friends!
When you join .ART some active artists are automatically added to your follow list so your Home timeline is not sad and empty in the beginning. I even might be one of them!
Feel free to unfollow those people - no hard feelings! This is your space and you are to chose what is on it and what's not! Have fun~