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[ L J ] πŸ‘» @lostSHAD3@mastodon.art

I've been struggling drawing characters physically interacting with each other. I'm trying to fix that.

Also put that creature down this instant.

Finally got to see the album art I painted a few months back in printed form, and MAN is it cool to see something go from digital to physical.

Music can be found here! t.co/y5lGgEbXiH It's sorta like bluegrass, but with teeth and themed around a southern-influenced, Fallout-sque post-apocalypse. mastodon.art/media/LVlYOeqtDX2

When your neighbor's putting up a christmas stuff and Halloween's not even half-way over yet.

Today was Lizard Demons.

[IF for some reason you'd like to have him, he's $25USD + shipping. Contact me to claim!]