Fuzzy headed.

I’ve been trying to incorporate pencils back into my workflow as they have a nice texture and it’s easier on my eyes. :D

What better way to kick off being back than with some self-indulgent furry art!

I've been struggling drawing characters physically interacting with each other. I'm trying to fix that.

Also put that creature down this instant.

Finally got to see the album art I painted a few months back in printed form, and MAN is it cool to see something go from digital to physical.

Music can be found here! t.co/y5lGgEbXiH It's sorta like bluegrass, but with teeth and themed around a southern-influenced, Fallout-sque post-apocalypse. mastodon.art/media/LVlYOeqtDX2

When your neighbor's putting up a christmas stuff and Halloween's not even half-way over yet.

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