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Fuzzy headed.

I’ve been trying to incorporate pencils back into my workflow as they have a nice texture and it’s easier on my eyes. :D

Mastodon question! Is there a way I can filter which instances show up on my federated timeline? I want to mute some of the busier instances since its a bit overwhelming for me to sift through at the moment.

New users: I've written a guide to Mastodon, which you can find here:

It was originally brief, but it keeps growing. o_o

@ folks who hate that tweets are called toots here: what's it like to not have fun ever

So, big reason my activity dropped over here was bc I got caught up with health stuff and life stuff [now that I reflect, a ton has happened since December], needed to switch over to a scheduled posting app, and the one I went with didnt support masto. Finally started treatment for part of my health problems a week ago, got reminded this place exists, and now I want to see if I can post here again too.

Oh wow, figured my account over here would have been erased or something by now.

Hi everyone!

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hey! if you're a trans person with bills to pay, hit up the Hypatia Software Org! they have a cash assistance and laptop distribution program that have helped me make ends meet πŸ‘

Trying to get my liberapay set up but I keep getting 505 errors :/

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