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I'm Andy, on-again, off-again dabbler in various media. I keep coming back to and decided to set up an alt for posting (and following) / art and whatever other visual-media creative endeavors I get up to.

I've also recently moved my -related alt to @mayor, although there's nothing there yet, and my main account on the fediverse is @ItsTheManOnTheMoon .

Here's a tune called Whoop Jamboree, the first track from Capharnaum County Magicians Society's new release 'Keedysville', available now for streaming and purchase at
#bandcampfriday #FediverseMusic #banjo

bandcamp Friday, shameless self promotion, banjo but not yeehaw banjo 

Capharnaum County Magicians Society has just released a new track, an #1865 #funeral #march for #banjo, #drum and #mellotron. Have a free listen and please consider following if you enjoy this sort of weirdness! #magicianssociety #bandcampfriday #mastomusic #musiciansofmastodon

I have a lot of fecebook contacts who are working musicians and they are losing gigs left and right.

I also have a lot of contacts who depend on income from art/maker fairs who are having important gigs canceled out from under them.

If shows/events you've been planning on attending have been cancelled, please consider going right to the artists' Etsy/Bandcamp pages and spending that money there.

I spent the morning searching for an alternative to Adobe Illustrator's basic text distortion feature (where you can select a text object and warp it into an arc/flag/etc) and this is the closest I've found so far. Presumably this should work in Glimpse but this video was made using Glimpse's poorly-named predecessor:

that said, y'all should know by now that i am absolutely 100% for artists getting recognition and paid for the work they do.

however, if you create something intangible like an art challenge, and release it out into the wild for others to join in... you can't really own that anymore, you can only take credit for starting it.

you gotta let it go, it's become its own thing, bigger than you, bigger than anyone. it's part of the community.

retroactive gatekeeping (esp for profit) is shitty

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#inktober debacle 

I'm willing to give Jake Parker some benefit of the doubt when he says "It wasn't me, it was the golem I created by hiring a trademark lawyer," although I find it odd that anyone would pay a lawyer hundreds of dollars an hour without keeping track of exactly what the hell they're up to and why.

yikes, guess the guy that started #Inktober decided to trademark the term and have his lawyer go after all the artists using it to sell their work from the open event, don’t do capitalism folks it rots your brain! 😬

Snake Post Office Post 

Here's another picture of my piece, I think Justin made the right call using the scanner picture instead of this phone picture but no matter what the pictures don't quite capture how it looks

If you haven't checked out the Snake Post Office Zine that @Quixote171 put together with contributions from across the fediverse, what are you even doing with your life? Here's my contribution, a woodcut of the titular post office in Milton, NC, which is indefinitely closed due to an alleged snake infestation.

LOL at a call for artists with the caveat "Please do not create artwork with skulls/skeletons as the subject matter"

In typical fashion my hyperfocus has swung away from printmaking at the moment and back over to music. In case it's of any interest, I post my music stuff (mostly banjo so far) over at @mayor

In case it's not obvious, my attempt at was completely derailed about 1/3 in, but that's OK; some other big (albeit non-printmaking) stuff has been percolating in the second half of this month, and the prints I did post to instagram landed me an (unpaid) commission, which I'm happy to do (it's part of a community oral history project.)

Hey Mastodon friends, I've been remiss in plugging it all month, but if you're in the , area go check out the annual at Gallery 30 South (30 South Wilson Ave) through October 27 2019. I have a piece in the show!

The audio was not intentional but could not have been better (cw: Winona Ryder making weird somewhat silly tortured noises) 🧛‍♂️

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