Some thumbnail sketches for a new project, working title "Bureaucracy". I might do this in A3 instead of my usual A4 drawings.

Bureaucracy - floor plan in isometric grid

This is on A3, double my usual paper size, so I had to photograph instead of scan it.

Research for this piece has provided a name for an aesthetic I've always been fascinated by: "Liminal Spaces", the depictions of places in-between. If you're in the mood for an unsettling rabbit hole, search for "The Backrooms". Don't get lost.

Bureaucracy - Staircase sketches & paper model

I had an idea today, but it was really hard to draw from imagination. The paper model helped a lot and was fun to do.

Bureaucracy - ink 1

First ink pass; I thought it was most important to get the layout correct...

Bureaucracy - color 4

It's hard to see, but all the computer stations are colored now.


Bureaucracy - final ink + watercolor (format A3)

It is done. How 6 weeks fly by!

@lordampersand beautiful and with a very impressive level oft detail.

@lordampersand I've enjoyed getting to follow along the process, and to such a wonderful completion!

@jay Thanks for following along, which must have required some patience! 😅

@lordampersand this is incredible, i loved seeing all of your sketches and research!

@lordampersand This looks like it could be the basis for some sort of bureaucracy game, in which the protagonists try to organize paperclips or share a network printer in a maze of cubicles.

@MNMinn @lordampersand

Oh my! That is absolutely amazing! Very well done indeed!

On the lighter side, it reminds me of this:

@HMLivy 😅 - not sure peta would agree with this trap.... thanks for your kind words!

@lordampersand nearly identical to the ones in Office Space. Same color too

@lordampersand I would love to hang this on my wall - any chance you'll sell prints?

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