The Approach 01 - watercolor

Continuing the idea I had some months ago, I'm going to go back and forth between analogue drawings, scanning, digital distortion, printing and overdrawing.

The Approach 12 - digital

The text displayed was calculated by a Markov model based on the complete works of Sylvia Plath, Allen Ginsberg, Emiliy Dickinson and Walt Whitman, which used the poem in #11 as input.

The Approach 35 - Sumi ink on 9 inkjet printouts (rice paper)

This almost killed my printer. But the sumi paper is awesome with my new ink.

The Approach 43 - collage: injket printout, watercolor and Nameko mushrooms on mixed media paper

(yes, these are real mushrooms)

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@deerbard Krita/G'Mic>Samj's "Bulles colorées" filter, combined with a blurred pixelsort filter and inverse layer combination.

@lordampersand I like this one – it makes by brain go «what is that?!», and starts my imagination.

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@lordampersand holy cow I am in love with your art. I make music that I release as “pay what you want” and Creative Commons (Share Alike). How much would you want for commissions to do album covers?

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