From top left: Mega Boms, Twirly Piggies, Cogs, Lucky Stars, Suga Cubes, Nastys, Shroomz, Li'l Greyz, Crowns, Air Bax, No Shows, Tomato Crunchies


Animals 09 - Hooved Mammals - Giraffe 1

Slightly wrong proportions... no, wait! Maybe it's a baby giraffe! 😅

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Animals 10 - Hooved Mammals - Giraffe 2

At least the neck-torso proportions came our ok this time. 🦒

Animals 12 - Other - Hammerhead Shark

With this grumpy fellow, I'm almost done on the animal lesson. The last challenge will be a chimera of some of this round's beasts.

Animals 13 - Chimera - ink

This rather wild mix concludes the animals lesson (=lesson 5) of . If you want to see the whole batch, note that this thread is split by accident, so check out

Overall, it was a really fun lesson. I think I understood the additive drawing principle better. Animal faces are really hard, and I'm still struggling with surface structures.

We'll see how the lesson review goes 🤞 🤞 🤞

Well, apparently, I didn't do well enough to progress to the next lesson and need to do two additional ones. Oh well.

Animals 14 - Bison - ink

First part of the extra homework. I focused on being more precise in drawing fur as well as using less contour lines and overdrawing. Fur is fucking hard, especially with a 0.5mm pen.

No pass. I need to do yet another two drawings. That's ok, but the feedback I received from the reviewer was more confusing than helpful. I'll put the new revisions aside for a few days and try again on the weekend, hoping that my motivation will come back then.

Passed, after two tries! \o/
Next challenge: Draw 250 cylinders. 😅

@lordampersand Don’t fret. This whole exercise is not about advancing to the next level. It’s just about getting practice and gaining XP.

I guess you know that already. But perhaps, when it comes from the crowd, it helps in affirming the message.

I’m really glad you’re sharing your progress.

Thanks for the encouragement! I liked what you said about gaining XP. 😊💚 I definitely do have some areas of improvement, and the feedback I got was framed really positively and in a constructive manner. So, all is well.

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